Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama School Address

Obviously there has been quite the controversy floating around President Obama's address to children in grades K-12. It's interesting to listen to some people try to break this down when they haven't even step foot inside a school in 40 years. Hopefully it means a little more coming from someone who constantly puts up with the corrupt education system.

Let me first say that my school district was one that opted against showing the Presidents address. This may seem odd, since I'm from a deep blue state (Michigan) and a school system controlled by the left. When the White House first announced that the President would be making this address they said that it would bring certain political views to the table. They also announced that there would be assignments dealing with how the children would help Obama. Sound like Cuba, Venezuela, maybe even an excerpt from the book 1984? That's exactly what it is, and the people made that known. It wasn't long before the White House pulled away from this moronic idea, and decided to focus more on education and take political affiliation out of the picture. Of course this was a good thing, and it made many people content, but many of us still saw a fundamental flaw in the idea of this speech. The problem was not with the content, or the message, but rather the idea of mixing the head of state with the state. Why must the leader of this nation be everywhere? Students go to school to learn, not to be bogged down by the usual rhetoric and talking points spewing out of Washington.

The message being sent to students was in fact a valuable one. It hit on issues important to so many of us, such as self-responsibility. But shall I bring up the point that these are the lessons that are supposed to be taught at the dinner table, not drilled in by bureaucrats. It is the job of a child's parents to be in charge of their own back to school speech, the government should not try to steal this role. Not to mention, the speech most likely put the majority of students to sleep. With an 18 minute speech talking mostly about himself, the president most likely did not grab the attention of 2nd graders.

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