Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who is Obama's Rasputin in the White House?

Bill Smith, ARRA Editor: Who influences President Obama? I am sure that many would like to lay claim to influencing the president. In recent days, we have had seen reports on the Obama czars. Czars may have the ear of the President but in fact, they are really carrying out the agenda of the President. Even though the czars provide insight into the beliefs, values and associations of President Barack Obama, they are not the power brokers. We already know about David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. But who is the "Rasputin" in the White House with significant influence on President Obama, his wife and his policies? One person, Valerie Jarrett, has become a significant person of interest.

Valerie Jarrett is the Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison. William Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government issued a Research Memorandum regarding Valerie Jarrett:
[W]e have spent the last ten months examining and reporting on the appointees of the Obama Administration. During this examination we have noticed a recurring theme that merits further research and exposure since it has been ignored by the media and blogs. It is the role played by Valerie Jarrett in the lives, campaigns, and the Administration of the President and First Lady.

It would be difficult to underestimate what that role has been. When Ms. Jarrett first met the Obamas they were subordinate to her both on a social and a business basis. The information that we have gathered indicates that she has served and continues to serve as a mentor to them. We believe that she is the most powerful individual in the Administration outside of the President himself.
In an effort to identify this person who may be a power behind the President, many of us are researching and seeking information relevant to Valerie Jarrett. Some initial points:
  • Most of the press coverage of Jarrett has been favorable, but many are not aware of the problems in her background.
  • Jarrett is feared because of her close personal relationship with the President and the power that comes from this relationship.
  • Jarrett at a salary of over $300,000 a year ran a property management company that mismanaged housing units allowing conditions like sewage backups and rodent problems to occur. She commented that it is hard to manage something you don’t own.
  • Jarrett was appointed to her position, which does not require Senate confirmation, early in the Obama Administration.
  • Jarrett reported the following income on her financial disclosure report filed in February 2009:

Cater Clews has weighed with an opinion of Jarrett: "Simply put: Valerie Jarrett is a radical leftist with a rapacious appetite for power and wealth. In Richard Daley’s Chicago, she was the turn-to person for flexing muscles, padding pockets, and covering tracks. In Barack Obama’s Washington, she is the single advisor most responsible for both for originating and orchestrating his most brazen attempts to impose what many see as a socialist regime upon the American people."

While I cannot confirm that Valerie Jarrett is Obama's Rasputin in the White House, we do need to pay a lot more attention on her influence, efforts, and actions in the White House. You can both help and keep up on the tracking of Valerie Jarrett at STOPJARRETT.COM.

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