Monday, November 2, 2009

America! Enslavement is at the Door!

by Bill Smith: As you watch the below video and listen to the past voices of both Democrats and Republicans who served our country as president, ask yourself is this the message of today's President and today's leaders of Congress? Have we as a Nation fallen into such covetousness that we would seek (even if through the actions by the government) to take from our fellow citizens in order to maybe benefit ourselves?

Is this present generation, unwilling to protect the gift our forefathers gave us - the gift of freedom for each citizen the have the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness? With this gift, we received no guarantees of success. But, as free people, we have an opportunity within the decency of society to pursue the achievement of our goals. Our forefathers established in the Constitution a framework which granted, as long as we could preserve them, certain rights and protections.

Now the opportunities to pursue life, liberty and happiness are at risk. They are endanger of being taken away by the present leadership in Congress and the White House. These leaders are seeking in blunt boldness to control us and our countrymen by establishing government laws and regulations which would limit what goods we may pursue or possess, how we use those goods, what services we are allowed and the quality and the quantity of those goods and service be they health care, energy, our own homes, our property, our money, and more. They are seeking to limit what we are allowed to pursue, to possess and to retain. And to monitor you and all others, they are pushing for the establishment of regulations and new agencies. And to pay for this expanded government, they plan to take (steal) from our friends, family, neighbors and even ourselves via taxation, repeal of former granted benefits, and limiting choice and quality of services.

They seek to enslave all free citizens through entitlement programs defined and limited by government and they intend to order us to pay for the system of enslavement. This is not a new concept in history; it has been forced upon mankind before in varying forms. In the end only the elites, at least for a while, determine and control the care and welfare of the enslaved people. But even the elites' days are numbered because the burden of such a system is doomed to chaos and the eventual rise of more dictatorial control.

Is this our destiny? Shall we sell our birthright and the birthright of future generations for health care, for carbon credits, for climate control or for any thing else? Have a majority of Americans so lost their appreciation for their freedoms that they are willing to exchange them for entitlements and enslavement with the government controlling all aspects of our lives? This is not a novel or fictional movie. America! Enslavement is at the door! Will you stand boldly against it or will you surrender to empty rhetoric and promises?

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