Monday, January 10, 2011

Tucson Tragedy Suggests Life Has Different Values

This morning the headline announced charges being filed for the "assassination try." As I thought about this word, I began to realize that this word suggests someone is the victim of an "assassination effort" has a greater value than someone who is an injured bystander or who is actually murdered as in the case of the nine year old child and other victims..

When one looks to the origins of this word, it is Arabic and refers to "hashish eaters." The second definition in Webster's Dictionary from the 1960's was for a murder who killed suddenly as well as a hired killer. During the last several decades, this definition has been altered to reflect someone who kills a prominent person.

In the case of the alleged shooter he was an assassin under the traditional definition in that he killed suddenly. So all the victims who died were assassinated as well as murdered.

Listening to all the media talk and reading the various websites to blogs, the talk is far more about the Congresswoman than the other individuals who died or who are still in recovering. Discussion has elevated from a Congressman from PA who wants to restrict want can be said about a US congressperson by extending federal law that is now exclusively for the President.

For years, those in Congress believe they are better than anyone else from the House Banking Scandal to filing taxes to current economic troubles. Beyond believing they are better, many in Congress also think they know better by passing laws the majority of the American public do not want as evidenced by their overall job approval rating.

When all of this is boiled or rendered down, it does appear many in Congress think their lives have greater value than those who elected them. Funny, the U.S. Constitution begins with these 3 words - We the People and not We the Politicians. In reading this document, there is no differentiation between elected officials and the people or citizens.

The words we think, speak and write do carry different meanings. When using the word assassinate in today's crazy world, I believe we are potentially implying that one life has greater value than other. This devaluation of life is inconsistent with "We the People."
Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a conservative advocate and is President and Owner of Advanced Systems and provides Professional Training & Coaching to senior executives. Smith also contributes articles to varied publications including Conservative Voices.

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