Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Demise of the Republic through Consensus, Compromise and Capitulation

Margaret Thatcher said

"Consensus is the absence of leadership."

For the last 60 plus years, the leadership from local to national politically elected offices here in the United States has wisely demonstrated her words and have contributed to the continue demise of our Republic. Actually some believe this process started with the election of the second President, John Adams.

From consensus arises compromise where people break promises (think positive core values or beliefs) to show how flexible they are, how willing they are to walk half way and leave those “self-evident truths” that they have embraced or at least when they were campaigning for office. The end result is capitulation where surrender now becomes the ruling behavior.

The now historic negotiations to extend the US debt ceiling rather aptly showcased how consensus created compromise resulting in capitulation. At the center is ethical leadership. For if you believe engaging in further debt is absolutely wrong, then why start down that slippery slope of capitulation? We as We the People due to the will of the Congress and not the will of We the People have surrender our children, our nation’s future to excessive US debt that should not be their or its responsibility. And the resulting compromise (think surrender) truly did nothing to improve our financial security given the reduction in the US credit rating.

What further challenges the consensus, compromise and capitulation approach is the constant push by the main stream media who eagerly throw conservatives down this slippery slope of surrender. For it is the conservatives who are foiling their plans to turn this Republic into a quasi socialist state where a select few tell the majority what to do. If you disagree, look to cities telling businesses how to run their establishments, telling parents what they can and cannot do regarding how to raise their children, telling you what you can and cannot eat, the list is endless.

Reading President George Washington’s Farewell Address, he accurately foretold the future when political parties became the “determinators” for the course of the nation. He advised not only against the formation of political parties, but also against going into debt and engaging in extensive foreign affairs. Since he voluntarily left office, our Republic has been going down this Demise Path because of this ridiculous belief of consensus creating compromised behaviors leading to capitulation of those “truths to be self evident.”

Demise of the Republic

Consensus = Compromise = Capitulation

Now is the time for individuals through their own self leadership to say "stop the surrender, enough is enough." Look for common ground through collaboration where agreement is found without sacrificing core values or promises and the result is a win-win for all. This is the necessary path to take if we truly want this Grand Republic to continue to be the greatest nation ever conceived in human history spawned from these words "When in the Course of human events..."
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