Friday, September 16, 2011

Incompetence 101: Solyndra and "Guns to Mexican Cartels" have a lot in common!

by Silvo Canto, Jr, Canto Talk: The Solyndra story just gets uglier and uglier.

We learned today that there is a paper trail that confirms a few things:
a) The Bush administration did not think that the company was ready for a loan guarantee.  They can't blame Bush or the Republicans on this one;

b) The Obama administration rushed the approval process.  They clearly wanted the loan approved so that Pres BO could make a plant visit and push the "green jobs" message; and,

c) Solyndra blew $500 million in about a year.

How do you spend $500 million? Ask Solyndra!
Like "the guns to Mexican cartels" story, the Obama administration is playing dumb again.

Everybody is pointing fingers....he did he did it.

We have a president and the buck stops with him. It's time for Pres BO to bang on his desk and demand answers from his may help for Pres BO to announce that some heads are rolling.

Pres BO can start by firing AG Holder ("selling guns to cartels") and Energy Secretary Chu.

How can the ATF sell 2,000 guns to cartels without telling AG Holder?  How can Solyndra get a $500 million loan guarantee without the blessing of the Energy Secretary? It looks to me that Justice & Energy need some new leadership.

We need answers and accountability.  It's time for Pres BO to start by holding the top guys accountable for managerial incompetence.

Check out our interviews with Brian Calle & Clayton Cramer:

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