Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Socialism Equates to the Modern Evil of Slavery

by Patrick L. Booth, The Blue Eye View: Why does socialism continue to appeal to progressives, democrats, and those who cannot provide for themselves? Do modern socialists not recall the reeking stench of communism practiced in Russia, Viet Nam, North Korea, China, and too many other countries? Socialists claim communism and socialism are not the same thing and that socialism has never been given a fair chance. Of course, that is patented bull crap but an inordinate number of students and their college professors accept it as truth writ large. All the above countries practice SOCIALISM.

The results of such hubris are all to easy to see and demonstrate with track records of boastful belligerence, surly truculence, and outright incompetence. All socialist countries are mired in poverty, indifference, and are run by tyrants. They can't get it right because there is no right to be gotten in their political philosophies.

Indisputably, all those countries practice wholesale murder of their citizens. Today's socialists always say, "Many other countries also practice widespread killings." True enough. But none even approach the numbers of murders that communist countries do. Socialism reduces citizens to whores and lackeys; do as told or die.

Socialism is the pursuit of sheer, raw, power over other human beings. Of course, its adherents claim the moral high ground saying equality of rights, income, and labor are the goals but history and modern practices belie the claims. The triumph of evil over good, emotion over reason, and man's infinite capacity for self-delusion always wins.

No amount of malevolent empirical evidence has dissuaded new generations from the siren song of "EQUALITY." Despite all the historical evidence of Nazi Germany, the USSR, and other "Peoples Republics", socialists walk amongst us, even openly in our halls of congress. The deeply flawed "labor theory of value" positing equal intrinsic values of all labor and production captures their petty minds rather than the truth of economically established values of costs per product. A (labor) + B (materials) = product. Product + desire = sale = monetary value.

Capitalists built decent, moral, and humane societies on what socialists consider amoral approaches to economics but socialists built exploitative, inhumane, amoral societies upon inflamed approaches to humanity and economics where no equality exists. The two approaches are antithetical.

Socialism is based entirely upon a fundamental misreading of human nature, the willing suspension of belief in the nature of mankind. Fact: mankind is selfish. Self-preservation, self-interest, and personal comfort take precedence over everything else.

Capitalism wisely exploits and cares for those traits allowing for choice in self-emulation, charity, morality, and the good of society. Socialism is intellectually narrow, irrational, dependent upon self-deprecation and immolation that scarcely exists outside of religious societies (which are not allowed to exist since such societies compete with the state for allegiance). Socialism exists behind a mask of a "charitable impulse" which is forced but which capitalism openly, willingly and ably promotes. Charity forced is not charity. It is tyranny.

Christianity, with all its moral, charitable, and self-improving characteristics, cannot exist in Socialist States which demand total allegiance of mind, body, and existence or death of the non-conformist. Hence, China has an "Official Christian Church" which denies Christ.

All communist countries have "economic plans" run by the state for the benefit of the "state." Is there any difference in Obama's "plan" which promotes the "state" over individuals' benefits. Its top-down approach must inevitably fail as all other socialist plans have failed.

Fallible man cannot ever entirely understand nor tame all social economic forces as no individual has large enough an intellect nor capacity to absorb nor control all the variables of economics. The cultish fervor with which Socialists continue to believe mankind can create all-encompassing fairness is inevitably doomed equating to stupidity.

Obamacare is socialism in its intent, practice, and forced outcome. It cannot but fail. Those moronic Dem Socialists who wrote it, passed it though the house and senate, and are trying ever so hard to implement it must be removed from office if for no other reasons than they are simply too stupid to be allowed to continue. We cannot afford to accept such corrupt, failed policies. To do so is to accept our nation's utter destruction; Obama's "Change" will be complete.

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