Monday, May 7, 2012

Babyboomers The Force To Be in 2012 Election

Are you a Baby Boomer? 

Do you like what is happening in this country? 

Would you like to return to the times when:
  • Children respected adults?
  • Neighbors knew each other and looked out for each other?
  • Lawyers did not advertise on TV?
  • The medicine cabinet contained for the most part over the counter remedies?
  • Doctors made house calls?
  • Students graduated high school and could actually read?
  • Employees gave 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay?
  • Younger people held doors for older citizens?
  • Hats were removed during the national anthem?
  • Gasoline was under $1.00 a gallon?
Of course, gasoline returning to under a $1.00,  lawyers not advertising or doctors making house calls are probably unreasonable 21st century expectations. Nor was that time perfect, but for many there were far more good times than bad ones.

Do you believe you are being ignored by those seeking elected office 
especially at the national level?

Baby Boomers, all 72 million or 79 million strong depending upon what statistician you believe, are the REAL force to be reckoned with in the 2012 election.These voters will either make or break the successful candidates from local to national elections because of three factors:

Numbers - The share size of the Baby Boomers is in itself a force not to be ignored. This size transcends race, gender, ethnicity and religious upbringing. In 2008 election, in all education categories, those 45 and older comprised the greatest percentage of voting rates. And in the 2012 election it is all about the numbers as it is every election.

Beliefs - Politicians are good at talking, but like many sales people they stink at listening.  Instead they hire people to give them the advice they want to hear. Those people are called pollsters or consultants.  Remember, figures do not lie, but liars figure.

Listen to the Baby Boomers.  Many are  unhappy, are scared not because of Medicare being cutting, but because of where they see this country is going -- away from what they believed to be good and true when they were growing up.

America they believed was a proud country; a beacon of light to the rest of the world; a place where millions of immigrants longed to live, legally I might add. Now Lady Liberty for these individuals has appeared to turn her face away, to hold her head down in shame with the beacon barely shining through the foggy nights.

Her political leadership appears to listen to other countries, to apologize for the greatness and the freedom that allowed America to be the best place in the entire world to live.

In the movie, The 13th Warrior (one of my favorite movies of all time), the hero Antonio Banderas portrays an Arab who must make a quest with some Northmen (Vikings).  He does not speak their language. Night after night he listens to the campfire talk.  Finally, he responds in the Norse language and is immediately questioned as to how he learned their language. His answer is very short "I listened!"

No one is listening to the Baby Boomers as the candidates continue to fight for the 2012 election.  Their focus is on special voting blocks or groups who numerically comprise only a minority of the total registered voters but who have the loudest voices.

Baby Boomers listen to what they hear and more importantly to what they believe to be true.
Many speak softly and more importantly they carry big sticks - the voting ballot. 

Behaviors - Older citizens register and they vote.  Look who works the elections.  These folks do not listen to polls and stay home just because they are tired. Even bad weather will not keep these citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to vote because their beliefs are rooted in a different time and it is those beliefs that drive their behaviors.

Currently it is estimated each day another 10,000 Baby Boomers retire.  By the time the Fall 2012 election is held, that could easily mean another 1,300,000 will now have the time to go to the polls and vote.

The question remains who is speaking to them? Who is listening to their real concerns? 

Research also suggests as people age they become more conservative, more reflective of how things were. Nostalgia takes over for some. For those who listen, we can hear their stories of:
  • Walking down crime less streets
  • Respecting the rights of others as long as their own rights were respected
  • Living in a country where the rule of law was first and foremost
  • Working hard to make a living for their families
  • Learning to speak English because that was part of being an American, a citizen of the USA
In life, we cannot go back to what was was. However, we can still hold true to those core values, beliefs and behaviors that make us who we are. And in life, it is what we value that directs our buying behaviors. For buying is buying, be it a bag of groceries, a car or one candidate over another. 

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