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Lugar's Loss and Schizophrenic Inside the Beltway Politics

Senator Richard Lugar's loss revealed something those who benefit from the inside the beltway politics don't want to admit. These folks from established Republicans, Democrats and media outlets all want to blame the Tea Party as some insidious hand of the devil keeping thedecorum that has been so prevalent in the US Senate from every showing its so polite and respectful head again. Chaos will reign or so we are led to believe because of Lugar's defeat.

 Now there are a few who almost understood what Lugar's loss really meant and why it happened. However even these folks want to blame it on is age, being out of touch with his constituents, not living in the state for decades and still fail to identify the key reason for Lugar's defeat.

So why was Lugar defeated?

Simply it was his behaviors and the ability for the voters of Indiana to connect those behaviors to what he said and what they believed his behaviors should be as a US Senator representing the State of Indiana.  This goes beyond being out of touch because I have not read anything by the media specific to any of these behaviors.

This is a prime example of what voters are supposed to do - hold their elected officials accountable for their (elected officials) behaviors, actions. 

In other words, the game is over or politics as you (Senator Lugar) practiced it is over.

The citizens of Indiana did exercised their responsibility by saying your (Lugar) actions are not what we want nor believe are necessary to get us out of mess of which some of which is your responsibility. The voters held Lugar accountable and they have done in every election since he first secured the US Senate seat. 

Funny, how continued re-election is viewed by Lugar and his supporters as being approval for his behaviors and how the voters held him accountable through those re-elections. Now Lugar's loss is blamed upon the Tea Party. Lugar's loss was not due to the the Tea Party. If there is blame to be cast, then:
  • Blame the Internet and the access to information that in the past was not as easily accessible
  • Blame the educational system for actually developing critical thinking skills allowing people to sort through the mush of media hype and find the truth
  • Blame the leadership of the President as he promised a lot that was never delivered
But do not blame the citizens for acting upon their Constitutional rights to hold their elected officials responsible and accountable for their behaviors. .

Lugar said he believed that the President's nominees for the Supreme Court should be approved, given a yes vote without reservation and even after hearing testimony that may question the nominee's judicial perspective relative to how to apply the law and the role of the law..  According to the US Constitution Article II Section II paragraph 2, the Senate provides "consent" specific to the President's Supreme Court nominations. This does not mean an automatic stamp of approval.

Lugar's approval of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (a Clinton nominee) revealed a US Supreme Court Associate Justice who does not believe that the US Constitution is the best one in the world as per her comments in an interview with the Egyptian television network. He also voted for otherSupreme Court nominees who appeared to be more judicial activists.

Then there is his behavior regarding spending and bailouts. Granted he crafted a treaty, the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative, regarding nuclear proliferation with another Senator, but from my reading of the Constitution, his focus should be on domestic issues first not foreign ones. Additionally, the actual results from this treaty may be skeptical at best according to several more knowledgeable sources such as Rich Kelly from the Cato Institute.

The reason those who profit from inside the beltway politics including the media are schizophrenic is because the average, Internet access citizen and voter, can hear two completely different messages from these elected officials along with media pundits. First voters are told to be active and involved in American politics from the local to national levels.  Actually the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) is a prime example of this type of citizenship activism. Our country, if history is correct and has not been changed by US textbook writers, was founded on "taxation without representation."

Then in a second breath are told they do not know what they are doing. Through the various media channels by the inside the beltway politicians and the majority of those in the mainstream media, individuals who are active and involved are labeled with a plethora of negative connotations including their race bias, their religious bias, their economic bias, their ethics and beliefs bias not to mention their lack of intelligence. One begins to believe these politicians and media types are actually offended or insulted that anyone (registered voters) would disbelieve them (elected politicians and media pundits) and their veracity.

Actually listening to Lugar's concession speech, one may be lead to believe he thinks the voters are stupid. These are the same voters who elected now Republican nominee, Richard Mourdock, as State of Indiana Treasurer not once, but two times.

How many times have we heard since Lugar's loss that this defeat is another blow to bi-partisanship? Or now nothing will get done, there will be gridlock?  Excuse me, the Senate has not approved a budget for over 1,000 days and will not bring theproposed House Budget to a vote. Yes the Senate did vote down O'bama's budget several days ago (99 to 0), but the mainstream news networks ignored thisembarrassment to the President.

From my perspective, the gridlock was already present prior to Lugar's loss and will continue to be there until elected officials recognize they must do what they are hired to do under the US Constitution they swear to uphold and protect.  This idea of consensus has to be given the deep six and begin with collaboration so that the respective values of both sides are at least acknowledged. Collaboration does not mean values are compromised where consensus usually means giving up core values.  Actually Margaret Thatcher had the best observation about consensus:

"Consensus is the absence of leadership."

Who said "Elections have consequences?" Those are very true words for both sides of the aisle and maybe even more for the mainstream media. Personally I prefer the words of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto:

"I am afraid we have awoken a sleeping giant."

P.S. The American public, the voters, are the sleeping giant for those who may not understand these prophetic words.

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