Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama's Career Crossroad & Dad's Duck Wisdom

Bill Smith, Editor: The political cartoon (below) by Tony Branco is insightful. We all make decisions that give us or fail to give us the ability and the tools needed to accomplish tasks, to deal with issues and problems and to process and show everyday common courtesy and respect for others (including the American taxpayers). The cartoon also raises some other subtle questions. Regardless of Obama's past choices, he did make it to the White House meaning he convinced enough people to elect him based on two predominate qualifications - 1) he would be the first ever elected black president, and 2) he was not an old disabled Vietnam veteran (albeit, moderate republican). Unfortunately, we are all confronted by the consequences of both his past choices and his inabilities. Substance is the issue! We understand his dysfunctional up bringing. But, based on lack of performance, we deserve to see his college transcripts and list of courses and the names of his professors / instructors for those courses?

As for the use of the word Communist in the cartoon, I do not know if Obama is or would be a communist if it was in vogue in the USA today. To me, his actions and those of his appointed officials have proven far worse. We do know that the American people have been forced further in debt than ever before, and that debt is held largely by a communist government. We also note that under this president, the existing communist governments and other little tin horn dictators / despots do not fear or respect the United States as in the past. We did note President Obama bowed to more foreign heads of state than all prior Presidents combined. We do know that in his three plus years, his leadership or lack thereof has racked up record debt, record unemployment, record numbers of people giving up on work, record destruction of the energy industry, and the record takeover of private healthcare.

We do know he likes to play golf right before viewing the killing of a foreign terrorist (or at least the postured re-run of the event). We note his taking the personal credit for the killing the individual while abhorring Gitmo and the interrogation of foreign terrorists who have killed Americans.

in conclusion, I recall the words of my dear departed dad who adopted and raised me. I sure wouldn't dispute my Dad's wisdom or logic: "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, and craps all over the place like a duck, it is a damn duck."

by A.F. "Tony" Branco

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