Thursday, June 14, 2012

Disingenuous Partners - Polls and Politicians

In listening to my US Congressman, he referred to a poll that revealed 80% of the American public believed government does nothing for them. And the manner (both verbal and non-verbal language) in which he delivered this statement along with citing examples of roads to schools suggested "shame on you American voters" (my words; not his) for having this belief. 

First, at least 50% to probably 90% of all polls are created not to discover the truth, but to validate a position.  I learned this after doing private industry research and realized those seeking the research already knew what results they wanted.

Polls are disingenuous (for the most part).

Webster defines disingenuous as "giving a false impression of simple frankness."

Polls are not genuine. The results from the majority of the polls taken regarding the Lugar's re-election to Walker's recall revealed how disingenuous they really are.

Possibly the words from a Few Good Men were more accurate than some believed in that:

You can't handle the truth!

Second, the wording of a poll can given a false impression. Regarding the poll the Congressman cited, I attempted to find it without any success.

However, does government mean the same thing for everybody?  I do not think so.

Who was surveyed? Again, many false impressions are present.

For some, government may mean a specific program. While others it may mean upholding its legal responsibility.  Some people do not think of education as being part of government. Then their is public transporation which again some do not view as a government program.

Let's look at one government program - Social Security. Did you know originally this program was voluntary?  Yep, it was your choice to join or not join. Then those lawmakers decided "Hey, we can make it permanent and always have another tax flowing in the federal coffers."

If we look to its original definition, Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) was an insurance policy.  Meaning people paid into it and were promised a return on that investment.

FICA in its original sense was never a benefit program. Taxpayers could designate a beneficiary just like any insurance policy. The problem is this is the greatest rip off, scam since "which shell holds the pea?"

A benefit from my perspective is something that the individual did not actually pay to receive. One simple example of a benefit is  paid vacation because the employee did not work the vacation time and was compensated for that time. 

Authentic insurance policies allow the heirs to receive the balance of the policy.  Not with social security. The $250 death burial is a real joke. Those dollars might cover the printing costs for the obits.  And if taxpayer dies before reaching the age of retirement, "oh well, too bad so sad!"

So does government do anything for me?  Honestly no because I have paid taxes from income, personal property, excise, sales and the taxes built into every product or service I have ever purchased.

And I am personally insulted when an elected Congressman implies that I am stupid and ungrateful for everything the government has done for me. His behavior is just as disingenuous as those who constructed the poll.

Government is expected through the collection of taxes to build the roads, run the schools and protect the country through the military. I do not expect government to do anything more than what is listed in the US Constitution and Indiana State Constitution. Hence from my position, the awarding of social security dollars to non-workers is fraud and should be illegal.

Yet with this ongoing emphasis of socialism, the government is the be all, end all to all social problems, one can appreciate an elected official becoming upset that the American voters do not appreciate everything the government does for them.

Kinda makes one smile when one thinks about it.

Here we have a US Congressman who continues to vote for more government programs while exempting himself (such as Obama care) and the public is not appreciative of all his hard work.

Those ingrates! 

Maybe it is time to consider the Queen of Hearts retort:

"Off with their heads!"

Or how about Marie Antoinette:

"Let them eat cake!"

I wonder what would happen if government just did want it was supposed to do under the U.S. Constitution and the Constitutions of the other 50 states.  Maybe then the American public and voters might have a different attitude toward government. Who knows maybe the favorability poll numbers of US Congressman and Senators would be above 50%?

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