Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Glimpse of the Things to Come

Did you now those big bad oil companies paid the US federal government around $6.8 million in 2011 for penalties because they did not include a mandated bio fuel?

Maybe you are clapping your hands in gleeful joy? Possibly you are thinking, great, they should pay even more?

The only problem behind this rationalization is the fines are for not including a bio fuel that has yet to be manufactured.

Yep, pay for something that does not exist, that makes a whole lot of sense if you are the US federal government looking for every which way from Sunday to squeeze money out from productive entities.

And once again the law abiding legal citizen is left footing the bill for another boondoggle piece of legislation.

Only the US government courtesy of the EPA could enforce this ridiculous law written by self serving politicians who would rather focus on some more non-existent and unvalidated research to being concerned aboutsteroids in professional sports than passing a budget (now over 1,000 days with no federal budget) and dealing with real issue facing this county:

"It's the economy, stupid!" ~ James Carville

What is even more ludicrous is this bio fuel has yet to be produced even though an EPA spokesperson believes the goal is attainable.

Interesting that someone, the EPA spokesperson, who does not produce anything given her job is funded by taxpayer dollars and probably does not understand what it means to actually produce something insists that this bio fuel can be produced. and current goals are still very reasonable. Given the many overpriced government officials in Washington, DC, she is probably making over $100,000 a year plus benefits.

Why not pay her in some yet to be determined currency that research shows is viable?

This makes as much sense as fining oil companies for a bio fuel additive product that does not currently exist.

Now fast forward if Obama Care becomes law.

What mandates will the government enforce and penalize not only those involved in manufacturing health care medicines, but doctors to patients?

There is an old Arab proverb about "once the camel's nose is in the tent, his body will soon follow."

Even if the Supreme Court strikes down part of all of Obama care, this is only a slap on the wrist for our over eager elected officials who want to run every aspect of our lives.  Of course, some of them fly on our tax dollars in government planes, attend questionable government conferences in Las Vegas or Hawaii;  expect exemption from paying taxes (Tom Daschle) or being prosecuted for writing bad checks such Barbara Boxer who was one of the top offenders of the 1992 House Banking Scandal to the tune of over $40,000 in bounced checks.

Do you think the average law abiding tax paying citizen could do this? Write over $40,000 in bad checks? From my limited understanding of the law, this is a felony. And "I lost track" or "Oops, I'm sorry" is not a justifiable response.

One might get the impression these "politicalcrats" think they are better than those who elected them. 

No wonder these "politicalcrats" on both sides of the aisle are against terms limits for them or having another Constitutional Convention.

George Orwell wrote about big brother many years ago and he along with many other writers of both fiction and science fiction truly had an early glimpse of the things to come.

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