Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama's radicalization of the American Presidency - Part 1

Jim Mullen
When one looks at the heartbreaking state of affairs in our great country, one needs to look no further than the corrupt Chicago connection and the radical-leftist academic management of the White House. Every far-left, fringe element in the country embraces Barack Obama in his bitter vendetta against the U.S. Constitution and the laws and culture of our nation; even worse, Obama embraces them.

The fanatical militants once so much at home among the violent circles of America’s Left are now welcomed in an open-armed love-fest by one of their own. This unprecedented admittance to the White House gives them not only the ear of the president, but his heart, as well.  The swaggering, arrogant, fanatical militants high step their newfound powerful influences into every liberal-progressive corner in America, then track their red-stained footprints into the Oval Office.

The Marxists and Communists, who skulked through the back alleys and darkened doorways, and led the cheers for Mao and Che, proudly fill the halls of academia and whisper sweet-radicalism to the President of the United States. These extremists now write our laws and pack the panels, committees, and governing boards that control and run all the country's bureaucracies. In short, they control the lives of mainstream Americans.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign Barack Obama asked the American people to, "Judge him by the people with whom he surrounded himself." Compare these incredible words with those from his biography, Dreams of My Father, I chose my friends carefully: the more politically active black students, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets." Here is just one more place where proper vetting by the media would have revealed the really duplicitous nature of this man.

His inauguration was the initiation for Obama’s betrayal of the country. He recruited his crew of Communists, Marxists, and Maoists, to work on his anti-constitutional directives and bring the country into alignment with his idea of a perfect America. From this point, the road was straight and the direction was narrow and unquestionable; Barack Obama’s far-left radical agenda is so anti-traditional American, and anti-constitutional, he stands alone atop the presidential most villainous list.

Remember, he chooses his friends carefully and wants Americans to judge him by the people with whom he surrounds himself. Let’s make a critical examination of the President of the United States, his friends, and the people to whom he refers.

Let’s begin with Obama’s radical spiritual advisor and personal friend, the race-baiting bigot and class warfare specialist, Jeremiah Wright - a blatant redistribution of wealth advocate, and brazen follower of Black Theology. After sitting in a pew for over twenty years listening to Wright’s hateful sermons, Obama denied he ever heard the insidious, anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-American ideas of his radical friend. Going further, he stated, “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.”

 He doubled down on this outrage by turning to another radical, race-baiting bigot and class warfare specialist, Jim Wallis, as his next spiritual leader. Wallis is also a blatant redistributionalist with the same unabashed Black Theology philosophy as Jeremiah Wright.  

Add a third extremist and hater, Shiloh Baptist’s Pastor, Wallace Charles Smith to Obama’s spiritualists. In 2011, Obama and his family chose to attend an Easter sermon delivered by this Pastor who fumed that he heard institutional racism in the gurgle of his infant grandson. Earlier in 2010 Smith ranted that the country is still racist, and that racists get programs on Fox News. For good measure, he added that Rush Limbaugh is the new KKK.

For decades, radical environmentalists yearned for a president to carry out policies so extreme as to bring a modern industrial nation to its knees. This administration not only welcomes these wackos, but unconditionally embraces every job destroying, utility-raising, and economic-depressive idea that crosses their convoluted minds.

This is a regime that reveres a group of unprincipled, evil, extremists, but is unwilling to draw upon its own natural resources for the betterment of its people.  They are willing to starve their own citizens of liberty and banish them to live at the feet of the worlds tyrants; a position apparently welcomed by this president.

His braggadocios declaration about bankrupting anyone wanting to open a new coal-fired power plant and his aspiration for electricity costs to skyrocket, gives one just a glimpse of his ill feelings for the American people. His policies are destroying the coal industry and halting nearly all the domestic drilling for oil on public lands and the continental waters. Obama’s irrational actions further accentuate his complete and total war on carbon-based energy businesses; which translates into another front in his war on Americans.

In part 2 of “Obama’s Radicalization of the American Presidency" coming next week, we examine radicals like the immigration reformists, anti-gun fanatics, globalists, left-wing economists, MS media, and many, many more of Barack Obama’s friends and closest political allies.
Jim Mullen is a TEA Party Republican conservative activist and writer in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He also writes for the Parkersburg Conservative Examiner, and Freedom For Us Now.

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