Monday, June 25, 2012

The Real Problem with Media Bias

Pick up any almost any newspaper, listen to most of the news media networks and discover media bias is alive, well and thriving. The most recent evidence of this ever growing phenomenon is the Fast and Furious scandal. NBC chose to ignore any of the past 18 months investigation by Congress until just recently when the House Committee decided to hold a contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Holder.

Then there is the NBC and the editing of the George Zimmerman 911 audio files.  The list of media bias is indeed plentiful.

Another MSNBC media person, Andrea Mitchell utilized only part of Gov. Romney's speech during his bus tour in PA. This selective sanitizing of Romney's speech gave listeners the impression that Romney was out of touch with the average law abiding legal tax paying citizens and Mitchell's comments only reinforced this impression. MSNBC did issue a statement that this clip was not edited. Translation is "Oops, we got caught and will lie our way out of it because the average law abiding legal tax paying citizen is too dumb to know the difference."

The real problem with media bias is these organizations that have been given "freedom of the press" through the First Amendment of the US Constitition have chosen to use this most sacred freedom to sanitize the news, to keep what is really happening from the public because they want to be the "Puppeteers of Power."  

These people of the press know also believe they know what is best for you the law abiding, legal tax paying citizen. 

Much has come out in American history relative to the past behaviors of Presidents such as JFK.  The press knew about his sexual escapades as they did about his brother's Teddy's. Yet, they stayed quiet so that in their own minds they believed they had the power to pull the strings and exerted that power mainly for their own egos and to a lesser extent their own agendas not too mention their revenue streams.

Today's media is very much like the Federal Government in its Freedom of Information Act where requested documents are redacted because of alleged sensitive security information.

What is the difference between a document with 90% blackened out and a news story where 90% of the real story is not told?

Our founding fathers wanted a free press through freedom of speech as a constraint against an over reaching government.  This is the same reason for the Second Amendment.

However today, the majority of press works against that freedom for their private "Puppeteers of Power" agendas.  No wonder they react negatively when informed, law abiding, legal tax paying citizens challenge them for having media bias and direct the blame to bloggers, the Tea Party or being conservative.

What appears to have happened is that the law abiding, legal, tax paying citizens now not only have to deal with the over reaching federal government and those in charge, the "Politicalocracy," but with the new "Pressocracy."

Our Founding Fathers are no longer turning over in their graves, but like Elvis, they have left the building.

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