Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Most Dangerous Four Letter Dirty Word to Liberty

Four letter dirty words are many. Today Lady Liberty is coming to face to face with the most dangerous four letter dirty word that has ever graced this country.

Now this word is not new. Actually, it has been present since the very early formation of our country. Many of our founding fathers fought against this word and lost some very significant battles.

Of course, this particular word was not used specifically because those who publicly spoke this word would have been quickly branded traitors to the very essence of liberty. After all this country was founded because some very smart men recognized that this word truly did not exist in any consistent and quantifiable manner.

And that word is FAIR.  

The Declaration of Independence did not state "... all men are created fair."  Unfortunately many people confuse equal with fair. 

First, life begins without any thought to fair.  If this was true, then all births would be perfect. Our genetic makeup creates individuality which is the opposite of fair. Add our experiences to the mix and watch the unfairness grow and multiply.

For example:
  • Is it fair that some men and women were born to wealth while others were born to poverty?
  • Is it fair that some individuals can eat everything in sight without gaining a pound while others just walk by the bakery and gain a pound without eating anything?
  • Is it fair that some are born with blue eyes, blond hair, straight teeth, wavy hair, small ears, etc.?
  • Is it fair that some are considered beautiful while others are thought to be ugly?
  • Is it fair some are more intelligent than others?
  • Is it fair some can survive military combat without a scratch while others are seriously wounded and may even die?
How many laws have been enacted out of this false belief of fairness?
  • Social security - It is not fair people lost their savings.
  • Prohibition - It is not fair that people turned to drink and abandon their families.
  • Inheritance Taxes - It is not fair that someone inherits the wealth from a family member.
  • Smoking - It is not fair that I must smell someone elses' smoke.
Fairness never has existed and never will because of these two reasons:
  1. Human beings are different from the day they were born thanks to their genes
  2. Fairness is a value perception and hence cannot be consistently measured
Hence, fairness by its innate construction is unfair and therefore there is no such concept of fairness.  What happens is almost logical circular reasoning because the person who wants the fairness has one perception and yet the other person who wants fairness has another.  Both can argue for fairness without achieving any fairness.

Now, equal can be measured.  6 apples for you; 6 apples for me. Fairness cannot be measured because it is based on value perception, emotions and not logic or reasoning.  

Those who argue for fairness cannot tell you what fair is because it is a moving target depending upon what they want.  Argue against them and you are judged to be unkind, uncaring and not a fair person.

True liberty recognizes that this 4 letter dirty word of fair does not exist.
  • What does exist is the desire to become better individually and not at the expense of someone elses' productivity. 
  • What does exist is personal responsibility and accountability for one's own actions.
What does exist is liberty to the edge of another's nose or property line.

George Washington saw the sins of fairness in his farewell address in which he strongly advise to avoid becoming embroiled in the affairs of other countries as well as debt. He understood we as a country cannot control what happens to other countries and to engage in this behavior would be detrimental to the true liberty and sanctity of this country.  Debt only expands this ridiculous concept of fair and becomes much like that endless hole where digging (debt creation) never stops.

So if we are going to ignore the advice of our Founding Fathers, then let us start with FAIR at the highest levels of government because:
  • It is not FAIR that our elected officials make more than the average citizens
  • It is not FAIR that our elected officials have better benefits from health care to retirement than the average citizens
  • It is not FAIR that our elected officials remove themselves from the same laws the average citizens must adhere to such as the House Banking Scandal just to name one
Then let's examine laws that harm our own legal citizens based on this dangerous word of fair because:
  • It is not fair that we have children starving in this country and yet we give foreign aid to other countries
  • It is not fair that the minority of citizens pay the taxes in this country while the majority pay little to nothing
  • It is not fair the those who are not legal citizens get the same rights and even better benefits in some cases such as college tuition than those who are legal
  • It is not fair that those who played by the rules, worked, scrimped and saved must now help others who choose not to work hard, scrimp and save
  • It is not fair that uneducated citizens both legal and illegal get to vote because of their own self interests reinforced by federal government that wants dependency and fosters an entitlement of fairness
Life is not fair and now is the tine to get over it.  If you want to get ahead, then work harder and work smarter. There is no quick fix, no magic pill to make your life better.

From the moment you were born, life is life, it is what it is, the good, the bad and the ugly.  However, you have the opportunity to leverage what you have, as little as it may be and work with liberty to have what you want.

For over 200 years, liberty prompted people to leave their comfort zones and tackle the impossible. These folks ignored the word fair. Today unfortunately far too many citizens have embraced this dangerous word and the liberty for all will suffer the consequences unless something changes.

P.S. If you want to see what happens to a "fair society," read the classic short story of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut.  Do not become confused with the word "equal" for what is described is fair.

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