Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vetting and the American Narrative

Vetting has become the new way to change the American Narrative and eventually destroy Liberty. From local to Presidential candidates, the main stream media under the First Amendment of free speech believe it is their responsibility to educate the voters as to the qualifications of the person seeking office.

 Possibly 100 years ago, this vetting practice was more pure in its intention being less driven by an ideological perspective and more about educating the voter. Today, vetting is all about ensuring the public does not hear the American Narrative because the main stream media wants to not only control what they believe the truth should be, but more importantly change what made this country great - The American Narrative.

When reading a quote by Condoleezza Rice I realized how insidious, no evil, this vetting process has become. Rice said in a recent speech:

"It is a narrative that is being pushed by our current president, that 'I'm doing poorly because you're doing well. That has never been the American narrative. Ours has never been a narrative of aggrievement, and ours has never been a narrative of entitlement."  

The election of our current President is a reflection of how the vetting process attempted to change the American Narrative. Critical information was never shared to the voters because this individual epitomized the ideological perspective held by the majority of the main stream media.  Any vetting criticism of him was "spun" by the main stream media and his supporters as being racist.

His associations with a known domestic terrorist such as Bill Ayers to a controversial minister, The Rev. J. Wright were downplayed and ignored by many in the main stream media. A new claim about one of his mentors, Frank Marshal Davis a known communist, is just surfacing after four years.

Conversely the vetting of Sarah Palin was actively undertaken.  Even though she held the highest elected office in the State of Alaska, Governor, her qualifications from the "vetting process" according to the main stream media and her critics (the other party) made her unfit to hold the office of Vice-President. Palin's story reaffirmed the American Narrative, yet this was unacceptable by the main stream media and her critics including some Republicans.

The vetting process should determine if the person is qualified under the current Constitutional requirements. Past achievements as noted on their resumes should be verified to ensure accuracy. However digging into their personal lives under this disguise of  the "vetting process" to find "dirt" only harms Liberty.

Wouldn't it be interesting if the main stream media along with all the political pundits and consultants were held to the same vetting process as potential elected officials?

With the Internet, the citizens of Liberty now have the ability to undertake their own "vetting process." More and more citizens are realizing that they can no longer trust the main stream media because of the continued sanitizing of the truth.  NBC's ignoring of Fast and Furious until it finally had to report this 18 month old news story is one more recent example. No wonder these organizations and individuals despise Fox News to Drudge because the truth is no longer under their control. (Drat, that First Amendment!)

Maintaining the American Narrative is at a critical juncture in our history of Liberty.  We can either continue to walk the main stream media vetting process or strike out on our own and undertake our own research.

What the main stream media and those against Liberty are gambling on is the apathy that has always been present since our inception and struggle for Liberty will continue allowing them to tell a new American Narrative as they have quietly undertaken within the public education social studies (history) textbooks where Oprah now has more importance than Einstein.

Edmund Burke wrote:
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Now is the time for good men and good women to continue to push back on this main steam media controlled vetting process and push forward with the American Narrative.  By taking this action, we will continue to have the Liberty our Founding Fathers and those after gave their lives for and continue to die for.

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