Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Presidential Political Polls Direct Their Efforts to the Uneducated Voters

The most recent  Presidential political poll at first glance gives the President an advantage. But anyone who understands how polls are constructed can dig deep and discover this political poll is not an accurate reflection of the potential voters within several of the states based upon the most recent elections (2010).

Years ago I heard the following:  

Figures do not lie, but liars figure.  

 And in Presidential political polls, there are a plethora of liars. These liars are directing their efforts toward the uneducated, those who stay out of the political fray and maybe raise their head every month or so.  The goal is by election time, these uneducated voters will stay home and thus keep the status quo as the status quo.

By skewing the poll as to who was contacted, these liars and yes that is the only word for them, liars, can make statements like the President is ahead of Romney.  They will even go as far as to say their sampling was of likely voters.  But what they won't say is in some samples, there was an overwhelming bias (one case 9 points) towards Democrats even though in the last election in some states the voting numbers were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

With these types of polls then what happens is this:

Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

However, other polls about the President's disapproval ratings seem to fly in the face that the President has an edge over Romney. Then when Bloggers, less biased media outlets to Talk Radio start pointing out these discrepancies, the mainstream media (MM) cries Fowl (pun intended).

Presidential political polls are probably good for one thing and I am sure you can guess that that is. With the election about 3 months away, these liars will continue to promote their "fair" polls while in reality just broadcasting more MM lies and bias because these liars hate the American Narrative and fear anyone who just might change the status quo.

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