Friday, August 10, 2012

Respect the New One Way Street

What the past couple of weeks have clearly demonstrated is respect has become the New One Way Street in America.  From a private legal citizen not being able to exercise his First Amendment Rights to a political commercial filled with lie after lie to even an illegal citizen requesting respect continue to illustrate the decline of what made America great.

Part of the reason why respect has become this New One Way Street begins within the educational system.  For the last 40 plus years, the Federal government continue interference in education has only weakened our educational results. Many want to blame the families and yes they are partly responsible. However as a former public educator and school board trustee, the biggest complaint I heard was that the teachers were not listening to the parents.  They, the teachers, thought they knew better than the parents. Yet, the teachers could not figure out why the parents were not involved.

We should not be surprised because teachers do not know who their customers are. In many cases, they believe the customer is the other union teacher.  If you have disagreement with that statement, all you have to do is to listen the the head of the Chicago Teacher's Union. Karen Lewis has been quoted as saying she does not care about the students but about her rank and file members.

Looking at the results such as the US ranked 25th in math and 21st in science among 30 developed countries ranked by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development. Then examining how much the US pays to educate each student compared to other countries reinforces the fact that money is not the issue:
  • US = $7,743
  • United Kingdom = $5,834
  • Canada = $5,749
  • Japan = $3,756
Then there is the ridiculous culture of non judgement.  This new culture allows people to say lies and even more lies without being called on the carpet because that would mean you are being judgmental and being judgmental is a big No-No!

Harry Reid's attacks on Mr. Romney for not paying taxes without any proof just shows how far the American Narrative has veered away from real respect. Another example during this same time frame has been Mr. Reid asking Romney to release more than 2 years of tax returns (Romney complied with the law) even though Reid has never released his (Reid complied with the law).

This is where the New One Way Street shines.  Only those accused must take action, but the accusers don't have to take action. 

Possibly, Mr. Reid's reluctance has to do with some explaining about how he has amassed his fortune of over an estimated $5 to $10 million mainly during his political career. And people wonder why people run for office?

By the way as Senate Majority Leader, Mr. Reid earns $174,000 annually even though he says he doesn't make too much.
What planet is Reid living on? 
Is he real? 
$174,000 is not too much as a public servant paid for by our taxes?

The median income for a US citizen according to the US Census 2010 was $49,445.  In simple math, the average citizen has an annual income that he or she had to really work to earn of less than one third of what Mr. Reid receives. I truly cannot use the word earn or makes specific to Mr. Reid because he doesn't really do anything to grow our economy.

Yes Mr. Reid you make far too much!

We live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty unless you are a Republican running for the US office of the Presidency or any other non-liberal seeking for any other office.  Listening to Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelozzi justifying their lies reminded me of Galileo who believed the earth was not the center of the universe (heliocentric theory) taken to the Catholic Court and tried for heresy.  Of course how many of our students know about Galileo?  Textbooks, at least in Texas, have considered replacing Oprah for Einstein. And we wonder why we are behind in our educational results?

Of course I am still attempting to understand how a Catholic (Pelozzi) who supports a mortal sin (abortion) receives communion. 

Then there is the President complaining about Super PACs and the Republicans, but distancing his administration from a liberal Super PAC commercial suggesting Romney was responsible for a woman dying from cancer. Where is the respect?

Respect is something earned not given.  
Respect is a two way street and has never ever been a one way street.

At least that is what I was told growing up back in the 1950's.

Our First Amendment Right of free speech is all about respect.  You can say what you want up to the nose of the next person as long as you don't endanger him or her. If you endanger the other person, you can be arrested such as shouting Fire in a crowded theater or for libel unless of course you are Harry Reid and are protected by your office.

Respect is based upon shared common and important values such as learning, speaking English and telling the truth. These values and many others are embedded within the American Narrative.

Yet every day, legal citizens who respect the laws,pay their taxes on time, are asked to bend over, hug their ankles, smile while showing respect to those who lie, insult their intelligence, fail to enter this country legally and do not even speak English. Some of these illegal (forget undocumented as that is politically correct hogwash) even have the audacity to complain about our health care system and how we should be more respectful in providing health care to them..

Maybe it is time for more private, law abiding citizens to embrace respect is earned not given and start holding elected officials accountable.  Hmm, could that be one reason why the Tea Party to other individuals are so vilified by the main stream media because they do not give respect until it is earned?

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