Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Silent Majority Speaks

In the US the silent majority that Admiral Yamanto (Mastermind of  Pearl Harbor bombing) feared would awaken appears to have shed its slumber once again in support of Chick-fil-A appreciation day. Throughout the country, thousands of the silent majority have decided to spend their hard earned dollars by patronizing this national franchise restaurant chain that has recently come under fire from the likes of Democratic Mayors in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco not to mention many liberal groups and media.

Here in Northwest Indiana, the line extended outside the building, the parking lot was full and the drive through window had 10 plus cars in line. Joel Phelps running as the Republican Challenger to current Democrat Congressman Pete Visclosky showed his support by being one of those patrons. (Photo courtesy of Joel Phelps as it was better than the one I took when driving by today.) Down south in Texas Ted Cruz who was running for the U.S.Texas Senate seat  served Chick-fil-a at his victory party.

Americans be them from Indiana, Texas or any other State in this Republic of 50 States truly do not like being told what to do especially when it comes to their First Amendment rights.  Freedom of speech is taken to heart by the silent majority and maybe that is why they are silent.  They do not have to speak because they know that is their right. Of course when you ruffle their fetters (pun totally intended), those who engage in the ruffling best be prepared.

Can you hear them now?

Many who supported Chick-fil-A Day appeared to have been first time customers after listening to some of the talk radio as well as social media comments.  These individuals are the true silent majority because even Chick-fil-A did not know about them.

Yet, tell most US Citizens especially baby boomers and traditional citizens (born pre 1946) that a business is not welcomed because of the viewpoints held by the owners, then be willing to have your ears deafened by the squawking (again pun intended).

The silent majority is truly not silent about 

the First Amendment.

Currently there is a lot of squawking happening within this great country. However it is good to see thousands of Americans still believing in the First Amendment and demonstrating that belief for those who have been unfairly demonized by some elected officials.  There appears to still be some hope held for the defensive of the American Narrative.

P.S. Scanning tomorrow's papers will be interesting to learn if the unbiased media covers this rather loud silent majority or will they continue to push the agenda of the minority who wish to change the American Narrative?

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