Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Obama and the Democrats Fear Paul Ryan

Is it just me or are Obama and the Democratic elites truly in fear of Paul Ryan? Why else would they have to lie about Ryan's proposed budget and Medicare as it reflects some of the options available to Congress?

Yes there is fear, a lot of fear not only from the President and Democrats, but the main stream media! Why?

The answer is Paul Ryan has the one leadership capacity lacking in the President, the Democratic elites as well as the mainstream media - emotional intelligence.

Paul Ryan is an emotionally intelligent, real leader. The voters, the citizens of the United States can see this leadership when they have the opportunity.

Just watch this 6 minute video clip of Paul Ryan meeting with President Obama in February of 2010. He does not fidget; he has direct eye contact with the President; his voice is always calm and level; he does not interrupt and he is respectful in his tone and overall composure.There is no yelling, screaming and name calling. All of his behaviors reflect his understanding of the emotions of those around him as well as his own emotions.

Beyond the emotional capacity, Ryan has a strong background in economics. He  understands numbers and is not at all fazed by explaining these numbers. Ryan's Midwestern roots allow him to speak with clarity and common sense while understanding and managing the emotions of those around him. 

Emotional intelligence is not a leadership capacity that be developed overnight. This is one leadership talent that is developed with time and the willingness of  intrapersonal or self reflection. In listening to Congressman Paul Ryan one hears his story and can understand how this young man has developed such strong emotional intelligence.

Ongoing leadership research continues to reveal the impact of leaders with authentically high emotional intelligence.These are the individuals who people gravitate to and who are willing to do what the leader asks.

Emotional intelligence is gravitas with actual substance. 

Leaders with high emotional intelligence do not command, do not dictate. These folks are not bullies with fingers pointing at everyone else. Instead, they lead through collaboration and are willing to speak and do what has to be done even if it is not popular.

Emotionally intelligent leaders stay the course, work the plan, plan the work. They cannot be sidetracked by attempts of others to confuse and distract.

These leaders do not lead by consensus or compromise. Instead they are caring and able to balance their emotions with their critical thinking skills. They are open to feedback and because of this openness can pick up the mood in any room.Yet they know what needs to be done.  As Margaret Thatcher is quoted as saying "Consensus is the absence of leadership."

Even though I do not have access to Congressman Ryan, I know his speech tonight will be highly emotionally intelligent because this capacity is deeply ingrained within who he is and cannot be faked like other politicians.

During the next few months until the Presidential election, the fear of Ryan by President Obama and the Democrats will continue to grow because voters who are people buy on emotions first; justified by logic.

Ryan as an authentic leader has both the emotions and the logic. That winning combination does instill fear because it cannot be undone by attack ads or misrepresentation by the main stream media.

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Leanne Hoagland-Smith said...

Ryan's speech last night 8/29/2012 once again reaffirmed his emotional intelligence. The Wall St. Journal mentioned his Midwestern equanimity ( )but what the WSJ is really talking about is emotional intelligence. Thank you Congressman Paul Ryan for staying true to your authentic leadership and not making a liar out of me.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith