Friday, November 9, 2012

After the Election

The following insights are worth all conservatives reading. This is adapted from remarks Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner delivered Wednesday to Heritage staff.

Ed Feulner
by Ed Feulner, Heritage Foundation: I imagine that, besieged and belittled on all sides, and confronted with such a formidable array of adversaries – in the White House, Congress, the media and the academy – all determined to undo the Reagan Revolution and establish the Obama Revolution in its stead, many of you may look around in despair and ask: “Where is the cavalry that can come galloping to our rescue and save us from disaster?”

But I have news for you: This time around, we at The Heritage Foundation are the cavalry.

We are the flagship conservative organization that carries on the Reagan legacy.

We are the people conservatives look to stop the Obama Revolution in its tracks.

In large measure, it’s up to us to nobly save, or meanly lose, this great American experiment in democratic self-government.

Looking back on the nearly four decades that have elapsed since The Heritage Foundation opened its doors, it seems to me that perhaps everything we have built up, slowly and painfully, has finally led us to this defining moment.
  • Our brilliant team of analysts;
  • Our unparalleled capacity to communicate with grassroots America;
  • Our ability to market our ideas;
  • Our superb contacts on Capitol Hill;
  • The huge clout we wield through our sister-organization, Heritage Action for America;
  • Our influential friends on talk-radio and generally, in the media;
  • Our hundreds of thousands of dedicated members; and
  • Our millions upon millions of friends and well-wishers — all these hard-won assets must now be brought into play as we wage the fight of our lives.
My friends, we too have many challenging days ahead of us.

But they can also be great days, provided we recognize that we conservatives have not lost the war.

We have merely lost a battle in an on-going struggle.

The main thing is not to play into the Left’s hands by giving up the struggle. That would be truly catastrophic.

So let us not be frightened or anxious or downcast.

Let us rather remind ourselves that we are immensely privileged to participate in a struggle that is much, much larger than ourselves.

We are well-armed — morally, intellectually, and materially — to carry on this struggle. And with God’s help, and in His own good time, we will take our country back.

Edwin J. Feulner is President of The Heritage Foundation. He had lead in the transformation of Heritage from a small policy shop into America’s powerhouse of conservative ideas and into what the New York Times calls “the Parthenon of the conservative metropolis.”

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