Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adverse Economic Impacts of a Carbon Tax (Example: Arkansas)

Bill Smith, Editor: The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has prepared a report on the impact of Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders' proposed carbon tax (scam) bill, which the White House is playing coy about, fueling suspicions that Obama may be preparing to back a carbon tax as political cover for approving the Keystone XL pipeline.

Hot Air's Jazz Shaw wrote on Saturday:
"[T]here are apparently some bad ideas which never die, no matter how many stakes you drive through them. One of these is the carbon tax, not so subtly invoked during the State of the Union address, and now making a comeback with some of the usual list of suspects in Congress. But this time it may be coming with a twist. You want your Keystone XL pipeline and all of the jobs, opportunity and energy advantages it offers? Well show us the money."Other states as well as Arkansas had best watch out for the proposed con job about to be perpetrated on the people of America. However, Arkansas is one of the states predicted to be hit hardest if the carbon tax bill were to become law. The East and West coast liberals have little love for Arkansas even though it gave them Bill Clinton. NAM reports the following for Arkansas.If a carbon tax is levied, residents of Arkansas will pay more for natural gas, electricity, gasoline and other energy commodities, according to a study by NERA Economic Consulting and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The increased costs of these critical fuels will impact every person and business in Arkansas. This is bad news for manufacturers, which consume one-third of our nation’s energy supply, and for families struggling to get by as the national unemployment rate hovers just under 8 percent. To make matters worse, many Arkansas companies that compete internationally will be placed at a disadvantage as their foreign competitors operate without similar costs.Here are some of the bad news statistics for Arkansas if the carbon tax is approved by Congress:
  • Natural gas cost to increase by over 40% in 2013; thus adding to household energy bills and increasing operation costs for many Arkansas businesses
  • Gasoline prices: Increase by over 20 cents per gallon in 2013
  • Household Utilities: Electricity rates to increase an average of 13% in 2013
  • Employment Loss: 18,000-19,000 jobs impacted in 2013, 29,000-34,000 by 2023
  • Hardest hit economic sectors: Agriculture loses 1.3-1.6% economic output, energy-intensive manufacturing loses 2.5%, non-energy-intensive loses 0.8-1.2% by 2023
The Hot Air article concluded with the following excellent argument which readers should consider passing on to their Republican members of Congress.The GOP has managed to get kicked around in the polls pretty badly lately on issues from gun control to the sequester. It might be time to shift the conversation a bit and get back the high ground by focusing on something where there’s a clear majority in favor of their positions. The pipeline and opposition to any form of national carbon tax could be a couple of good places to start.
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