Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tennessee Joins TSA In Creating Random Check Points

By Chuck Baldwin: In 1836, former frontiersman and congressman Davy Crockett led a band of volunteers all the way from their home State of Tennessee to San Antonio, Texas, in order to join up with William Travis and his small company of soldiers, and help defend the Alamo--and Texas independence--from Mexican General Santa Anna and his army of over 5,000 seasoned troops. To men such as Crockett, Travis, Jim Bowie, and the rest, State independence and freedom was worth fighting and dying for. To a man, they each proved that. Therefore, it is fitting to wonder what Davy Crockett would think about his home State of Tennessee joining with federal agencies in establishing random checkpoints throughout the Volunteer State.

According to a local Tennessee news source, “You're probably used to seeing TSA's signature blue uniforms at the airport, but now agents are hitting the interstates to fight terrorism with Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR).

“‘Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate,’ said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.

“Tuesday Tennessee was first to deploy VIPR simultaneously at five weigh stations and two bus stations across the state.”

The report went on to say, “The Tennessee Highway Patrol checked trucks at the weigh station with drug and bomb sniffing dogs during random inspections.”

See the report.

As I have noted in this column before, the one thing that the bogus “war on terror” and “war on drugs” does is it justifies and ratchets up the emerging surveillance state in America. In this regard, virtually every constitutional and historical protection of our God-given and civil rights are being systematically and thoroughly expunged--in the name of “national security.”

For all intents and purposes, the Patriot Act eviscerated the 4th and 5th amendments to the US Constitution (and seriously injured many of the others). The Posse Comitatus Act, which dates back to 1878, was flushed down the toilet during the presidencies of George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and now Barack Obama. Since 1968, 2nd Amendment liberties are only a shell of what America’s founders intended and established. And the above-mentioned story out of the State of Tennessee is just the latest example of how the US and State governments are continuing to shred the Bill of Rights -- and virtually every other protection of individual liberties once thought sacred.

The State of Tennessee should be ashamed of itself--and the people of Tennessee should be outraged!

The problem is, this kind of unlawful activity has been taking place for years. And more often than not, it is the federal government that is both promoting this practice and paying for it, of course. So, why should anyone be alarmed that TSA is now joining scores of other federal alphabet agencies and getting into the act? At least, that’s the thinking of these KGB wannabes.

Most of us over the age of 50 can well remember the stories and images that came out of the old Soviet Union and its satellite states in the East Bloc. In fact, the phrase, “Show us your papers,” was symbolic of totalitarianism and despotism. Today, that same phrase is part and parcel with America’s “war on terror” and considered “patriotic.” Back in the days of “Free America,” checkpoints were synonymous with Red Russia and Red China. We could never have imagined--or tolerated--those kinds of practices going on in these United States. Now, they are part of everyday life in “Occupied America,” and standard operating procedure in the State of Tennessee and elsewhere.

For federal police agencies to be conducting checkpoints (i.e., Tennessee), organizing searches and seizures against citizens complying with State law (i.e., Montana), patrolling city streets (i.e., Alabama, Florida), and even ambushing and killing American citizens (i.e., Idaho, Texas) is the sign that the American experiment of federalism, separation of powers, State sovereignty, etc., is certainly over, and that this new “Occupied America” is in the throes of an ever-burgeoning police state!

If Davy Crockett lived today, he wouldn’t have to ride far to find oppression to fight, would he?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America’s Deadly Addiction To Government

Jim Mullen
by Jim Mullen: Government dependency is replacing the illegal drug trade as the most destructive force in our country. Politicians are the counterparts to the drug kingpins, as are their appointed bureaucrats to the pushers and enforcers. We welcome them into our homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and allow them to infiltrate every corner of society. The pushers and enforcers that feed our addiction to big-government money, exhibit many of the same traits and tactics as drug dealers. The idea of getting more and more people hooked is the same; assuring millions of mindless users for life. Not to mention, they offer career employment opportunities for the kingpins and pushers.

Chemical dependency, the devastating conventional drug problem in this county, pales in comparison to the mind-numbing and incapacitating enslavement to government. It has laid waste to entire generations of families and turned them into uneducated, slothful zombies waiting and begging for their next fix of “government money.”

This addiction renders them unappreciative of life and unmindful of the real joys of self-esteem, self-sacrifice, and accomplishment that one realizes in the pursuit of a fulfilling life without the mind-altering effects of a welfare state.

Politicians convince society that government has a constitutional obligation to provide for the lifelong, paternalistic support and care of Americans. Regardless of effort, preparation, education, or work ethic, many believe that politicians should strip money and property from the rightful owners and use it to make the leeches of society more comfortable in their little self-made, ideological world. However, in reality, they enslave themselves to government and live their lives in fetid ghettos of their own minds.

Likewise, institutions of learning forgot how to educate children properly when they bowed to the federal money bonanza that awaited only their submissive compliance to governmental demands and bureaucratic rules. Government-run schools teach children this same dependency by getting them hooked on the free ride. Since intrusion by the federal government and infusion of federal money into the process began, the educational system has been in a complete free-fall.

When dependence upon and subservience to the state replaced teaching of critical and rational thinking skills, indoctrination replaced education. The remaining dregs of the public educational system, from kindergarten to graduate school reek of failure. The result is, woefully unprepared young people enter society lacking the skills and knowledge needed to function and survive on their own.

The hunters, gatherers, and entrepreneurs of free-willed, independent people are quickly being supplanted by beggars and unmotivated hoards of whining miscreants. They prefer to accept the federal government as the ultimate power over their economic and personal lives, and in turn, mortgage their future and their children’s futures for more government induced euphoria.

Most animals instinctively teach their young how to survive before sending them into the world. Unfortunately, our instincts have devolved into teaching dependence.

We see the finished product of nanny-state incompetence with the “tantrum crowd” demonstrations on Wall Street demanding even more government. They whine about the evils of Capitalism and the free-enterprise system and call for the dismantling of both. Acting like escapees from a liberal-progressive animal farm, these mostly college-educated, “life-skills” challenged, young people are products of decades-long indoctrination and addiction. Awash in a Marxist sea of economic and constitutional ignorance, they bob aimlessly along demanding the tides of government transport them to some left-wing, Garden of Eden.

Additionally, corporations, businesses and mega-farm owners spend more money, manpower, and toil in the pursuit of favorable treatment and money from government than they do in producing goods and services. Lending institutions are under such massive control by government, they lost sight of lending money to people and businesses for the good of a healthy economy.

The kingpins and pushers learn their lessons well and know all the tricks in keeping the dependency spiraling. They know that many in our country would rather remain on their knees begging for government handouts than to stand up, shake the subordination to government, and return to the principles of American exceptionalism.

As with all uncontrolled, untreated drug problems, the government addiction eventually proves fatal to individuals, families, businesses, and the Republic. Our country and its people are dying a slow death; deprived of its lifeblood of liberty and stripped of its backbone of responsibility.

Liberals and Marxists fall into two basic categories: The first group is incapable of thinking and acting for themselves and want government to provide for their needs. The second, mistakenly believes they are capable and, indeed, ordained to think and act for everyone else. The second group is the destroyer of free society.

We must relearn the American lesson of prosperity by producing, not by government seizure of assets and redistributing the fruits of the industrious. Until Americans awaken and realize we are addicts to government, we will continue our decline and fall. A country in a mindless stupor awaiting the next feel-good injection bears no resemblance to the Founders vision for this great land.

The American dream is there for those who follow the history lessons of America and embrace the dream. Far too many go through life looking under every government rock in search of grubs when they could enjoy the Feast of America. They remain caught up in a quest to steal the dreams and assets of the producers.

If we allow destruction of the fruit-bearing trees of our nation, we will follow Marxist Europe into the depths of despair. The nanny-state will win or the Republic shall stand; they cannot coexist.

We can realize the dream only by kicking the habit of government and embracing liberty. Acceptance of Barack Obama’s “dream-like” liberal-Marxist ideas, and his Balkanization of our country, will lead to ruination and we will never awaken from this American nightmare.

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