Thursday, June 28, 2012

ObamaCare is Now the Biggest Middle Class Tax in American History


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama's radicalization of the American Presidency, Part 2

In part 1, this writer looked at a few of the radicalswho surround and influence the President, and at his words, asking people to judge him by the people with whom he surrounds himself.

Part 2 looks more deeply into the shadowy world of Barack Obama and his extremist, radical comrades.
Radical immigration reformists fervently believe in Open Borders and amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens and in permitting the importation and legalization of their remaining family members. They believe just as fanatically that American citizens owe these invaders a job, healthcare, education, food stamps, welfare, and voting privileges even before an amnesty. Obama is so entrenched in his radical immigration stance that he ordered his Justice Department to sue states that require photo ID to prevent illegal aliens from voting.

In his latest act of blatant, lawless, tyranny, Barack Obama shredded the Constitution by culling another group of illegals from the alien herd and magically declaring them as legal. Obama and the leftists' cry for comprehensive immigration reform means giving complete legal status and legitimacy to these illegal and illegitimate squatters. All of which is against federal law and most state laws. Nevertheless, Barack Obama has barefaced disregard for the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Strain on the already overburdened education, healthcare, penal, and welfare systems of the states led several to take actions of self-defense to enforce the law. Obama then opened up another front in his war declaration upon the people of those states by suing law-abiding Americans in federal court. Rationalizations that illegal aliens do the work Americans will not do is as ludicrous as the claim they pay more than enough in taxes to pay their own way. The fact is that it costs American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars a year to provide a few businesses with this cheap labor.

Illegal aliens take jobs from lower-income Americans, especially young inner-city blacks and poor whites already struggling to live without taxpayer funding. Liberals take college tuition from Americans by giving instate tuition rates to those here illegally, while American citizens in other states go wanting by paying higher tuition and in fact, subsidize foreigners.

Barack Obama is the most radical anti-gun rights President in history. In a 2008 debate, he said, “…just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right…”

He voted to allow lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry, called for the renewal of the failed Clinton gun ban, categorically opposes your right to carry for self-defense, and includes as “sensible regulation” prosecuting people who use a handgun in their own home for self-defense. He also believes that “what works” in Chicago is a complete ban on handgun ownership. He will interpret another term in office as a mandate to order his own version of Americans’ gun rights. What Obama says

Obama’s radical, Marxist economists and their agendas of anti-capitalism, income redistribution, and social justice, are unmistakably reinforced with his every speech and policy. His ignorance and naïveté of the failed Marxist/ socialist states that became authoritarian police states is appalling and fraught with peril for all Americans. Moreover, every economy using his philosophy has failed miserably at enriching anyone but the elites like Obama and his comrades.

He and his Radical economists believe all commerce must filter through the federal government, allowing complete and total control and regulation by the state; including determining profits and picking winners and losers. This President has turned a bad economy into a complete and unmitigated disaster with his leftist ideas.

Radical anti-American globalists love Barack Obama with a passion unseen by any previous group favoring World Government. Among his first official acts as Commander-in-Chief was to set off on a series of apology tours in which he insulted our friends and begged forgiveness from our enemies. He made it plain to the world that American interests would be secondary to the interests of the U.N., NATO, and other world organizations. Iran, North Korea, and other despotic nations immediately had a clear understanding that they were now dealing with a weak, ineffective American leader in Barack Obama.

The United Nations is a world body seeking One-world Government. Their agendas are totally anti-American, and they seek more and more control over our internal policies, national defense, finances, and commerce. Every UN treaty, pact, charter, or consensus unhinges our sovereignty and weakens every constitutional right of our people.  Their goal is to systemically usurp American independence and make the United States part of, and subservient to, a world government.

In the bowels of the UN there connives an evil organization detrimental to the very survival of our constitutional Republic. If Americans were truly informed by the media or our political leaders of the undertakings and plots of the authoritarian members and missions of the entire body, they would overwhelmingly demand our immediate withdrawal and their member nations and its complete organization expelled from our shores.

Two more radical, leftwing Supreme Court Justices now sit on the nation’s highest court, appointed by this President. Another four years in office will likely result in at least two more appointments and shift the court to an unheard of bastardization, and rewriting of the Constitution. The appointing of Justices during the next four years could very well determine the lifespan of the entire package of liberal, progressive, Marxist, and socialist legislation passed in the last few decades. Likewise, it could determine if we live our future as free Americans or merely exist under the chains of a totalitarian regime.

Radical union bosses are in control of much of the Democratic Party’s base and Barack Obama. These bosses owe their souls to Obama, the Democrats, and their henchmen. The Public-Sector Unions rule these politicians with an ironfisted death-grip. Obama owes his presidency to the top dogs of the unions, and they will never let him forget this allegiance.

The public-sector unions, to which Obama bows, have bankrupted every state that allowed politicians and unions to conspire against the taxpayers. A conspiracy that saddled generations of taxpayers with overwhelming, longtime liabilities for salaries and benefits in the public-sector that far surpassed anything available for similar work in private business. When the bills came due, they hired Obama to raid the national treasury and pay for their political deals and corruption. The “Stimulus Package” was largely designed as payback to the unions.

The mainstream media, academia, and Hollywood, all look at America through a distorted prism of radical, leftwing ideology. Their philosophies are the same revolutionary, transformative, liberty-crushing schemes in which Barack Obama places his misguided beliefs. These three groups contain the vast majority of the far-left militants and extremist groups in the country.  Unfortunately, they are also the groups that control most of the news and information, and administer the indoctrination of our people.

The country’s most radical leftists are the people to whom Barack Obama owes not just his allegiance, but his very existence. So by all means, let’s judge Barack Obama by the people with whom he surrounds himself. And when we do, should we really wonder about security leaks coming from this White House? The entire Obama administration and everyone around him is a security leak!

The country is in an age of incomprehensible collusion between the progressive-leftwing media, a tax-and-spend Congress, and a collectivist administration. Together, they rule the American people with iron-fisted oppression using unelected bureaucrats and presidential edicts.  Indeed, America is in an age of tyranny with a government disregarding the laws that they find inconvenient, and simply writing new ones with the stroke of Obama's pen.

Seemingly, every week Obama opens up a new front in his war against the American people. He considers healthcare, financial institutions, religious freedom, immigration, and voter ID laws all part of his personal crusade to impose his unconstitutional will upon all Americans.

Four years of no concerns about another election will result in unchecked oppression by this authoritarian President and will assure unfettered domination of the American people, their institutions, and their culture. His unconstitutional tyranny will be uncontrollable. Just think how many more fronts he can open up in his war on Americans with four more years.

“Radicals of the World Unite - Reelect Barack Obama.” How’s that for a Presidential campaign slogan for 2012?   

This is our country, our freedom, our money, and our property that Obama craves. Stopping this radical is an essential pro-American endeavor. The destructive forces unleashed by four more years are inconceivable.
Jim Mullen is a TEA Party Republican conservative activist and writer in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He also writes for the Parkersburg Conservative Examinerand Freedom For Us Now.

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Obama's radicalization of the American Presidency - Part 1

Jim Mullen
When one looks at the heartbreaking state of affairs in our great country, one needs to look no further than the corrupt Chicago connection and the radical-leftist academic management of the White House. Every far-left, fringe element in the country embraces Barack Obama in his bitter vendetta against the U.S. Constitution and the laws and culture of our nation; even worse, Obama embraces them.

The fanatical militants once so much at home among the violent circles of America’s Left are now welcomed in an open-armed love-fest by one of their own. This unprecedented admittance to the White House gives them not only the ear of the president, but his heart, as well.  The swaggering, arrogant, fanatical militants high step their newfound powerful influences into every liberal-progressive corner in America, then track their red-stained footprints into the Oval Office.

The Marxists and Communists, who skulked through the back alleys and darkened doorways, and led the cheers for Mao and Che, proudly fill the halls of academia and whisper sweet-radicalism to the President of the United States. These extremists now write our laws and pack the panels, committees, and governing boards that control and run all the country's bureaucracies. In short, they control the lives of mainstream Americans.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign Barack Obama asked the American people to, "Judge him by the people with whom he surrounded himself." Compare these incredible words with those from his biography, Dreams of My Father, I chose my friends carefully: the more politically active black students, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets." Here is just one more place where proper vetting by the media would have revealed the really duplicitous nature of this man.

His inauguration was the initiation for Obama’s betrayal of the country. He recruited his crew of Communists, Marxists, and Maoists, to work on his anti-constitutional directives and bring the country into alignment with his idea of a perfect America. From this point, the road was straight and the direction was narrow and unquestionable; Barack Obama’s far-left radical agenda is so anti-traditional American, and anti-constitutional, he stands alone atop the presidential most villainous list.

Remember, he chooses his friends carefully and wants Americans to judge him by the people with whom he surrounds himself. Let’s make a critical examination of the President of the United States, his friends, and the people to whom he refers.

Let’s begin with Obama’s radical spiritual advisor and personal friend, the race-baiting bigot and class warfare specialist, Jeremiah Wright - a blatant redistribution of wealth advocate, and brazen follower of Black Theology. After sitting in a pew for over twenty years listening to Wright’s hateful sermons, Obama denied he ever heard the insidious, anti-white, anti-Jew, and anti-American ideas of his radical friend. Going further, he stated, “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.”

 He doubled down on this outrage by turning to another radical, race-baiting bigot and class warfare specialist, Jim Wallis, as his next spiritual leader. Wallis is also a blatant redistributionalist with the same unabashed Black Theology philosophy as Jeremiah Wright.  

Add a third extremist and hater, Shiloh Baptist’s Pastor, Wallace Charles Smith to Obama’s spiritualists. In 2011, Obama and his family chose to attend an Easter sermon delivered by this Pastor who fumed that he heard institutional racism in the gurgle of his infant grandson. Earlier in 2010 Smith ranted that the country is still racist, and that racists get programs on Fox News. For good measure, he added that Rush Limbaugh is the new KKK.

For decades, radical environmentalists yearned for a president to carry out policies so extreme as to bring a modern industrial nation to its knees. This administration not only welcomes these wackos, but unconditionally embraces every job destroying, utility-raising, and economic-depressive idea that crosses their convoluted minds.

This is a regime that reveres a group of unprincipled, evil, extremists, but is unwilling to draw upon its own natural resources for the betterment of its people.  They are willing to starve their own citizens of liberty and banish them to live at the feet of the worlds tyrants; a position apparently welcomed by this president.

His braggadocios declaration about bankrupting anyone wanting to open a new coal-fired power plant and his aspiration for electricity costs to skyrocket, gives one just a glimpse of his ill feelings for the American people. His policies are destroying the coal industry and halting nearly all the domestic drilling for oil on public lands and the continental waters. Obama’s irrational actions further accentuate his complete and total war on carbon-based energy businesses; which translates into another front in his war on Americans.

In part 2 of “Obama’s Radicalization of the American Presidency" coming next week, we examine radicals like the immigration reformists, anti-gun fanatics, globalists, left-wing economists, MS media, and many, many more of Barack Obama’s friends and closest political allies.
Jim Mullen is a TEA Party Republican conservative activist and writer in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He also writes for the Parkersburg Conservative Examiner, and Freedom For Us Now.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Real Problem with Media Bias

Pick up any almost any newspaper, listen to most of the news media networks and discover media bias is alive, well and thriving. The most recent evidence of this ever growing phenomenon is the Fast and Furious scandal. NBC chose to ignore any of the past 18 months investigation by Congress until just recently when the House Committee decided to hold a contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Holder.

Then there is the NBC and the editing of the George Zimmerman 911 audio files.  The list of media bias is indeed plentiful.

Another MSNBC media person, Andrea Mitchell utilized only part of Gov. Romney's speech during his bus tour in PA. This selective sanitizing of Romney's speech gave listeners the impression that Romney was out of touch with the average law abiding legal tax paying citizens and Mitchell's comments only reinforced this impression. MSNBC did issue a statement that this clip was not edited. Translation is "Oops, we got caught and will lie our way out of it because the average law abiding legal tax paying citizen is too dumb to know the difference."

The real problem with media bias is these organizations that have been given "freedom of the press" through the First Amendment of the US Constitition have chosen to use this most sacred freedom to sanitize the news, to keep what is really happening from the public because they want to be the "Puppeteers of Power."  

These people of the press know also believe they know what is best for you the law abiding, legal tax paying citizen. 

Much has come out in American history relative to the past behaviors of Presidents such as JFK.  The press knew about his sexual escapades as they did about his brother's Teddy's. Yet, they stayed quiet so that in their own minds they believed they had the power to pull the strings and exerted that power mainly for their own egos and to a lesser extent their own agendas not too mention their revenue streams.

Today's media is very much like the Federal Government in its Freedom of Information Act where requested documents are redacted because of alleged sensitive security information.

What is the difference between a document with 90% blackened out and a news story where 90% of the real story is not told?

Our founding fathers wanted a free press through freedom of speech as a constraint against an over reaching government.  This is the same reason for the Second Amendment.

However today, the majority of press works against that freedom for their private "Puppeteers of Power" agendas.  No wonder they react negatively when informed, law abiding, legal tax paying citizens challenge them for having media bias and direct the blame to bloggers, the Tea Party or being conservative.

What appears to have happened is that the law abiding, legal, tax paying citizens now not only have to deal with the over reaching federal government and those in charge, the "Politicalocracy," but with the new "Pressocracy."

Our Founding Fathers are no longer turning over in their graves, but like Elvis, they have left the building.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Glimpse of the Things to Come

Did you now those big bad oil companies paid the US federal government around $6.8 million in 2011 for penalties because they did not include a mandated bio fuel?

Maybe you are clapping your hands in gleeful joy? Possibly you are thinking, great, they should pay even more?

The only problem behind this rationalization is the fines are for not including a bio fuel that has yet to be manufactured.

Yep, pay for something that does not exist, that makes a whole lot of sense if you are the US federal government looking for every which way from Sunday to squeeze money out from productive entities.

And once again the law abiding legal citizen is left footing the bill for another boondoggle piece of legislation.

Only the US government courtesy of the EPA could enforce this ridiculous law written by self serving politicians who would rather focus on some more non-existent and unvalidated research to being concerned aboutsteroids in professional sports than passing a budget (now over 1,000 days with no federal budget) and dealing with real issue facing this county:

"It's the economy, stupid!" ~ James Carville

What is even more ludicrous is this bio fuel has yet to be produced even though an EPA spokesperson believes the goal is attainable.

Interesting that someone, the EPA spokesperson, who does not produce anything given her job is funded by taxpayer dollars and probably does not understand what it means to actually produce something insists that this bio fuel can be produced. and current goals are still very reasonable. Given the many overpriced government officials in Washington, DC, she is probably making over $100,000 a year plus benefits.

Why not pay her in some yet to be determined currency that research shows is viable?

This makes as much sense as fining oil companies for a bio fuel additive product that does not currently exist.

Now fast forward if Obama Care becomes law.

What mandates will the government enforce and penalize not only those involved in manufacturing health care medicines, but doctors to patients?

There is an old Arab proverb about "once the camel's nose is in the tent, his body will soon follow."

Even if the Supreme Court strikes down part of all of Obama care, this is only a slap on the wrist for our over eager elected officials who want to run every aspect of our lives.  Of course, some of them fly on our tax dollars in government planes, attend questionable government conferences in Las Vegas or Hawaii;  expect exemption from paying taxes (Tom Daschle) or being prosecuted for writing bad checks such Barbara Boxer who was one of the top offenders of the 1992 House Banking Scandal to the tune of over $40,000 in bounced checks.

Do you think the average law abiding tax paying citizen could do this? Write over $40,000 in bad checks? From my limited understanding of the law, this is a felony. And "I lost track" or "Oops, I'm sorry" is not a justifiable response.

One might get the impression these "politicalcrats" think they are better than those who elected them. 

No wonder these "politicalcrats" on both sides of the aisle are against terms limits for them or having another Constitutional Convention.

George Orwell wrote about big brother many years ago and he along with many other writers of both fiction and science fiction truly had an early glimpse of the things to come.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Distrust the Unnamed Elephant in the Political Landscape

The recent defeat of Senator Lugar, the failed recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to local issues reflect the unnamed elephant in room - DISTRUST -  for national, state and local politicians. Here in Northwest Indiana, this distrust is so intense that the word, tax, is associated with corruption meaning what family member or friend of some politician will get the revenue from this tax increase?

Voters are identified  by many in the main stream media to politicians as being heartless, uncaring, of the 1%, conservative or belonging to the Tea Party because these so called vile and unfortunately productive citizens continue to be against any increases in taxes. No these people are not uncaring but rather caring about how their hard earned dollars are spent.

Here in northwest Indiana, a local mayor James Snyder of Portage used the power of the veto (more should follow his example) by vetoing an ordinance to increase ambulance fees. The reason for the veto was not because the mayor did not believe the fees needed to be raised, but the ordinance was written in such a way that the collected fees were not specifically directed to the fire department that oversaw the ambulances. 

What a novel concept to have taxes specifically directed toward the necessary department. 

Just imagine where the US Social Security would be if our elected officials keep it as a separate item and did not include it into the general fund so they could spend those dollars elsewhere as they have done and continue to do so as Charles Krauthammer so concisely noted?

Americans, rightly so, wonder why their tax dollars fund the marketing of cow semen, nuts (eating type not to be confused with the nuts in Washington, D.C. or elsewhere on the planet), wine, etc. as discussed during some recent revelations by US Senators.

Then we have all the government conferences from the recent Las Vegas scandal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals estimated $1,000,000 taxpayer funded "It's cheaper in Hawaii than stateside conference." Hmm, I never knew Zumba was part of the legal discussion and was only available in Hawaii. Guess San Francisco has not heard of Zumba?

And the intelligent justification from these so called highly educated judicial officials is the other Courts of Appeal do it.  Sounds more like 5 year olds thinking than adults who are earning in excess of $170,000 annual salaries all courtesy of US taxpayers? And these judges get a daily stipend to attend these conferences as well, again more of our taxpayers dollars going down the waste drain.

Excuse me, why do these folks need a conference anyway? 

Of course that common sense question is never asked, is it?

Is it that hard to imagine why the unnamed elephant in the room - DISTRUST - is so very much alive and well. I actually believe he or she is growing larger with each passing day with the ongoing announcements of more wasted tax dollars by some conscientious politicians to bloggers to actual investigative reporters who do not have an agenda to grind against the American law abiding tax paying citizen. 

Only time will tell. Maybe it is time to return to history when a certain Japanese Admiral spoke these infamous words:

"I'm afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with terrible resolve,"

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Shoo, The Dirty Secrets of Immigration Reform


For the last 20 plus years, politicians have been discussing immigration reform. In November of 1986, President Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control (IRCA). The four key aspects of this law to address the increase in illegal alien or what others may prefer to call undocumented were:
  • Required attesting to the employees' immigration status by the employer
  • Hiring or recruiting unauthorized immigrant illegal
  • Certain seasonal agricultural illegal immigrants received amnesty
  • Grant amnesty to illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 as long as they had lived in the US continuously
When Reagan signed this historic bill, illegal immigration was to end. Yet this did not happen as witnessed by the failed attempts by other Presidents including Bush and Obama.

The first dirty secret of immigration reform is also the dirty secret for education reform, health care reform, banking reform, tax reform,  name the reform, they all share this same dirty little secret:

Reform does not mean better!

Looking at the key points of this existing law IRCA appear to mimic some of what Congress desired in the most recently failed immigrant reform - The Dream Act. So the common sense question would be how does the newly proposed reform law change what was already passed over 25 years ago?

How many times has something been reformed and the results are worse than before?  We now have more illegals in this country than ever before in spite of IRCA. Public education is delivering more students who cannot read at grade level than back in the 1950's. Health care reform is costing many businesses and individuals more dollars not less. And let us not even go into tax reform.

Immigration Reform Dirty Secret #2

Reform is a politically correct code word for keeping the status quo the same, ignoring the currents laws and then blaming the inability to achieve results on everyone else to not having enough money.

In the business world, some might consider this attitude to be one of bait and switch.

If the law requires a change, then change the law for the better. Or maybe consider enforcing the existing laws that include patrolling the border with the necessary manpower? How many laws are there on the shelves that are not enforced?  And yet Congress keeps passing more unenforceable laws?

Immigration Reform Dirty Secret 3

All decisions are politically based to ensure the votes of a particular group because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, political ideals or other demographics at the expense of the legal, tax paying citizens.

The continued illegal immigration issue is because our elected officials are more concerned about the votes of a particular group of individuals than the rights of the legal citizens.

Given President Obama signed a memorandum (reported as an executive order) to circumvent a failed law, this behavior only reflects a political decision to garner support among illegal aliens some of who vote because false documents in this country are quite easy to come by.  Since he took an oath to uphold the laws of this country, telling the Department of Homeland Security to ignore some these laws because it is the right thing to do is a violation of his oath of office, forget the end run around Congress.

Immigration Reform Dirty Secret #4

The law abiding, tax paying, legal citizens lose because they end up paying more taxes to support another failed reform. 

A well known and intelligent scientist by the name of Albert Einstein defined dirty secret #4 as the definition of insanity that being doing something over and over again hoping for different results. So in the future when you hear politicians on either side of the aisle talking about reform remember these two thoughts:

And it will cost you an arm and a leg unless you vote them out of office.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Day Lady Liberty Wept

Yesterday, June 15, 2012, Lady Liberty wept as she witnessed this great Republic turning into a dictatorship by the simple stroke of a pen. She has cried many times since her original dedication over 100 years ago. Today the tears are not of joy nor are they tears for those who have died supporting this country. Her tears today are filled with incredible, soul wrenching sorrow for all those millions of souls who passed by her imposing figure as they entered this country legally seeking the great American dream.

My Swedish grandparents were two of those dreaming souls along with their brood of children. Their dream and story is one of mullions shared to their children, grand-children and great grand children.

For over 20 years, my Swedish grandmother worked her plan to achieve her two dreams of having her entire family immigrant to America and having one child born in this country. First she sent her single brother, my Great Uncle Gus, to America. He worked and then purchased his future 40 acre farm in northern Wisconsin. Then Uncle Gus started the path for citizenship. The next step was Uncle Gus started the process of sponsorship for his sister and her family. Finally almost 20 years later, my grandparents left Sweden traveled by steamer to America passed by Lady Liberty, entered Ellis Island and then made their way to northern Wisconsin.

My grandmother shared with me at that moment walking through the gates of Ellis Island she was happy to achieve one dream, but the other dream, of having a child born in this country appeared not to be realized. What she did not know at that time was that she was pregnant with my father. One reason my grandparents wanted to come to America was because America believed in the rule of law. Back in Sweden, the rule of law was basically for the aristocracy and not for the average citizen.

Now their efforts and the efforts of millions of others have been devalued because through an executive order this legal path is no longer necessary. The actions of yesterday by the President have demonstrated:

Executive orders are now the road to a dictatorship. 

No longer are the three (3) branches of U.S. government necessary because a stroke of the pen through an executive order has countermanded the US Constitution, Congress and the will of the people. There are three key elements specific to what happened yesterday that require understanding.

First executive orders are not in the US Constitution. They have been used by many Presidents including George Washington. These are essentially clarifications to manage existing laws or policies and are not intended to violate or overturn existing laws. Any executive order must be listed in the Federal Register.

Second, the President said just less than one year ago:

"Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own," Obama told members of a National Council of La Raza conference who shouted back, "Yes, you can! Yes, you can!" "That's not how our democracy functions," Obama responded. "That's not how our Constitution is written."

The President is returning to the same group, La Raza,  in less than one week and has reversed what he acknowledged to be true then and is still true now.  Anyone who believes this action is not political is simply supporting this Republic to become a dictatorship because using the own words of our President, not to mention others:

"That's not how our Constitution is written."

Third, the President took an oath to uphold the laws of this country,. Yet, this executive order is based upon a proposed immigration law to deal with illegal immigrants, the Dream Act, that was defeated by the Legislative branch of government where laws are written. At that time (according to what I can discern) the Senate had 58 Democratic Senators, 40 Republicans and 2 Independents. Since the vote was 55 in favor and 41 against, the vote did not meet the 60 vote requirement (a rule established by the Senate and not part of the US Constitution). So the Democrats lost and we should not be surprised by the actions of Pelozzi and Durbin who support this unconstitutional action.

Dictatorships are when leaders ignore the law and decide to write their own laws.  Usually, they abolish the existing framework (Constitution) and then write a new framework to justify their illegal actions.

The US has not seen its Constitution abolished. Yet, I never thought I would see this total disregard for the US Constitution, the rule of law and the respect for those legal immigrants who worked the immigration process including my grandparents. 

As to those illegal young people who were brought to this country without their own say so, two wrongs do not make a right. Also this executive order fails to address the essence of the problem that has been ignored by the last several Presidents - Border control. 

Many who have witnessed the continued and almost constant chinking away of the US Constitution through the ongoing restrictions to the freedoms of legal abiding citizens and the continued growth of an over reaching Federal government predicted this would happen. We have one US Supreme Court Justice who does not believe that our US Constitution is the best model for any new government, but believes the Constitution of South Africa is a far better one.

Today along with Lady Liberty, I also weep for my country as a first generation legal immigrant, a parent, an entrepreneur, a legal citizen because unless something drastically changes very quickly, the United States of America will no longer be the greatest country ever envisioned by human beings, but another of those many petty, small dictatorships where a few rule at the expense of their citizens.

The question any reasonable citizen should be asking himself or herself is what or better who will be next to lose their rights as our country moves closer and closer to a dictatorship.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Disingenuous Partners - Polls and Politicians

In listening to my US Congressman, he referred to a poll that revealed 80% of the American public believed government does nothing for them. And the manner (both verbal and non-verbal language) in which he delivered this statement along with citing examples of roads to schools suggested "shame on you American voters" (my words; not his) for having this belief. 

First, at least 50% to probably 90% of all polls are created not to discover the truth, but to validate a position.  I learned this after doing private industry research and realized those seeking the research already knew what results they wanted.

Polls are disingenuous (for the most part).

Webster defines disingenuous as "giving a false impression of simple frankness."

Polls are not genuine. The results from the majority of the polls taken regarding the Lugar's re-election to Walker's recall revealed how disingenuous they really are.

Possibly the words from a Few Good Men were more accurate than some believed in that:

You can't handle the truth!

Second, the wording of a poll can given a false impression. Regarding the poll the Congressman cited, I attempted to find it without any success.

However, does government mean the same thing for everybody?  I do not think so.

Who was surveyed? Again, many false impressions are present.

For some, government may mean a specific program. While others it may mean upholding its legal responsibility.  Some people do not think of education as being part of government. Then their is public transporation which again some do not view as a government program.

Let's look at one government program - Social Security. Did you know originally this program was voluntary?  Yep, it was your choice to join or not join. Then those lawmakers decided "Hey, we can make it permanent and always have another tax flowing in the federal coffers."

If we look to its original definition, Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) was an insurance policy.  Meaning people paid into it and were promised a return on that investment.

FICA in its original sense was never a benefit program. Taxpayers could designate a beneficiary just like any insurance policy. The problem is this is the greatest rip off, scam since "which shell holds the pea?"

A benefit from my perspective is something that the individual did not actually pay to receive. One simple example of a benefit is  paid vacation because the employee did not work the vacation time and was compensated for that time. 

Authentic insurance policies allow the heirs to receive the balance of the policy.  Not with social security. The $250 death burial is a real joke. Those dollars might cover the printing costs for the obits.  And if taxpayer dies before reaching the age of retirement, "oh well, too bad so sad!"

So does government do anything for me?  Honestly no because I have paid taxes from income, personal property, excise, sales and the taxes built into every product or service I have ever purchased.

And I am personally insulted when an elected Congressman implies that I am stupid and ungrateful for everything the government has done for me. His behavior is just as disingenuous as those who constructed the poll.

Government is expected through the collection of taxes to build the roads, run the schools and protect the country through the military. I do not expect government to do anything more than what is listed in the US Constitution and Indiana State Constitution. Hence from my position, the awarding of social security dollars to non-workers is fraud and should be illegal.

Yet with this ongoing emphasis of socialism, the government is the be all, end all to all social problems, one can appreciate an elected official becoming upset that the American voters do not appreciate everything the government does for them.

Kinda makes one smile when one thinks about it.

Here we have a US Congressman who continues to vote for more government programs while exempting himself (such as Obama care) and the public is not appreciative of all his hard work.

Those ingrates! 

Maybe it is time to consider the Queen of Hearts retort:

"Off with their heads!"

Or how about Marie Antoinette:

"Let them eat cake!"

I wonder what would happen if government just did want it was supposed to do under the U.S. Constitution and the Constitutions of the other 50 states.  Maybe then the American public and voters might have a different attitude toward government. Who knows maybe the favorability poll numbers of US Congressman and Senators would be above 50%?

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