Friday, August 31, 2012

The Invisible Obama in the Room

Many years ago, Jimmy Stewart made a movie entitled Harvey. For those who may not have seen it, the title character, Harvey, was an invisible 6 foot tall rabbit. Stewart's character, Elwood Dowd, and Harvey were inseparable companions with Jimmy Stewart speaking for Harvey.

Clint Eastwood's skit during the RNC 2012 final evening reminded me of this classic and timeless movie. His comedic presentation was probably lost to some who cannot understand this simple, impromptu style of humor. Eastwood's performance shined just as Stewart's did so many years ago even with the well known Stewart's stutters and pauses.

Maybe some did not notice, the empty chair in the stage containing the invisible Obama was directly facing the teleprompter. Possibly this is why Eastwood was having challenges in hearing the invisible responses because they were not appearing on the teleprompter, who knows?

And this concept of invisibility goes further than just an empty chair.  With the serious challenges facing this country, many believe the President has become invisible to many US citizens especially those 23 million unemployed as well as those young people underemployed with tens of thousands of dollars in college debt.

Thanks Mr. Clint Eastwood for what possibly may be under appreciated by the younger crowd, but as someone who is 20 years your junior, I still remember Harvey and thank you for making the invisible visible.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Obama and the Democrats Fear Paul Ryan

Is it just me or are Obama and the Democratic elites truly in fear of Paul Ryan? Why else would they have to lie about Ryan's proposed budget and Medicare as it reflects some of the options available to Congress?

Yes there is fear, a lot of fear not only from the President and Democrats, but the main stream media! Why?

The answer is Paul Ryan has the one leadership capacity lacking in the President, the Democratic elites as well as the mainstream media - emotional intelligence.

Paul Ryan is an emotionally intelligent, real leader. The voters, the citizens of the United States can see this leadership when they have the opportunity.

Just watch this 6 minute video clip of Paul Ryan meeting with President Obama in February of 2010. He does not fidget; he has direct eye contact with the President; his voice is always calm and level; he does not interrupt and he is respectful in his tone and overall composure.There is no yelling, screaming and name calling. All of his behaviors reflect his understanding of the emotions of those around him as well as his own emotions.

Beyond the emotional capacity, Ryan has a strong background in economics. He  understands numbers and is not at all fazed by explaining these numbers. Ryan's Midwestern roots allow him to speak with clarity and common sense while understanding and managing the emotions of those around him. 

Emotional intelligence is not a leadership capacity that be developed overnight. This is one leadership talent that is developed with time and the willingness of  intrapersonal or self reflection. In listening to Congressman Paul Ryan one hears his story and can understand how this young man has developed such strong emotional intelligence.

Ongoing leadership research continues to reveal the impact of leaders with authentically high emotional intelligence.These are the individuals who people gravitate to and who are willing to do what the leader asks.

Emotional intelligence is gravitas with actual substance. 

Leaders with high emotional intelligence do not command, do not dictate. These folks are not bullies with fingers pointing at everyone else. Instead, they lead through collaboration and are willing to speak and do what has to be done even if it is not popular.

Emotionally intelligent leaders stay the course, work the plan, plan the work. They cannot be sidetracked by attempts of others to confuse and distract.

These leaders do not lead by consensus or compromise. Instead they are caring and able to balance their emotions with their critical thinking skills. They are open to feedback and because of this openness can pick up the mood in any room.Yet they know what needs to be done.  As Margaret Thatcher is quoted as saying "Consensus is the absence of leadership."

Even though I do not have access to Congressman Ryan, I know his speech tonight will be highly emotionally intelligent because this capacity is deeply ingrained within who he is and cannot be faked like other politicians.

During the next few months until the Presidential election, the fear of Ryan by President Obama and the Democrats will continue to grow because voters who are people buy on emotions first; justified by logic.

Ryan as an authentic leader has both the emotions and the logic. That winning combination does instill fear because it cannot be undone by attack ads or misrepresentation by the main stream media.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama's Timebombs of Tyranny

By Jim Mullen: Every war has its obvious horrors from direct devastation. Additionally, however, the "art of war" includes the planting of booby traps, land mines, roadside bombs, time bombs, and any number of creative devices to harass or continue the raining of destruction upon the enemy over time. These weapons are not only designed to destroy the adversary directly, but to cause psychological damage and break the will of the enemy to fight. By inducing prolonged fear and feelings of despair and hopelessness in their adversary, they often provide long-term residual effects after the direct conflict. It’s all part of the sordid, time-honored proficiency of war.

Almost like war, politics is not simply about the devastation from the direct initial attack by lawmakers, but also the residual and long-term devastation by delayed lethal devices. In politics, most of the destruction comes from “time bombs of tyranny” purposely implanted by politicians in legislation. Some justify and dismiss the damage done by politicians by calling it “unintended consequences,” even though most is deliberate and intended to strip at least some Americans of liberty or wealth.

To carry their oppression from one regime to another, and to ensure consistent and continuous control, American politicians devised a scheme by which they appoint bureaucratic panels, boards, or commissions to establish controlling mechanisms in legislation to enforce their dictatorial will. The full impact of these destructive assemblages is not always readily apparent, and politicians design them to reconstitute and continue their power in perpetuity.

They embed these delayed time bombs and booby traps in the majority of all law-making. Since the federal government cannot, at present, use more direct and vicious attacks, these are among their weapons of choice in their war to control the American people.

This system allows unethical, dangerous politicians like Obama to pick up any of these explosive, bureaucratic devices and move to a time and place of his choosing where he can do the most damage to his enemies. He’s extremely adept at using agencies from previous legislation as weapons to further his outrageous, unconstitutional attacks. He is also unrivaled in his ability to plant his own time bombs to destroy freedom and steal money.

The Environmental Protection Agency is a powerful, smoldering, weapon of mass destruction created by politicians. Congress built in explosive power intended for systematic release, and then left it carelessly lying about. It was a catastrophe waiting to happen. For a corrupt, unethical, wannabe dictator like this President, the temptation to seize the EPA and use it against his political and ideological enemies was just too compelling. Barack Obama’s war on coal, and indeed on all carbon-based energy, is possible only because Congress created this monstrous, lethal, bureaucracy.

His use of the EPA as a destructive device and his own unconstitutional restrictions on oil explorations and drilling are, in themselves, “time bombs of tyranny” that will explode repeatedly over the years. Americans will find the price of gasoline and all products made from petroleum, steadily climbing. The price of electricity will also “necessarily skyrocket” just as Barack Obama planned.

Obama and the liberals enacted Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank legislation in the name of protecting and strengthening the American people. In reality, however, liberals purposefully devised them to restrict freedom, interrupt commerce, and steal income and wealth from American citizens. It’s part of the left’s plan for redistributing wealth and controlling the American people and their trade. The progressive diagram is intentionally planned to do its mischief gradually. Once set in the legislative framework, the oppressive charges activate to continue the oppression.

As does the EPA, both Dodd-Frank and Obamacare, command the systematic appointment of unelected bureaucrats. The acts confer upon them unlimited power to regulate and control Americans’ medical care and finances. As preset deadlines arrive; liberty vanishes in bursts of political and bureaucratic domestic terrorism.

Open borders and Illegal immigration are, likewise, deadlier traps being laid by the Obama administration that will attack suddenly with unimaginable force over the next several years. In this case though, the misdeeds come from our lawmakers’ and Presidents’ steadfast refusal to enforce the law. The billions of taxpayers’ dollars spent on crime, welfare, healthcare, and education for the invaders' spiral out of control, yet, the President bestows his lawless blessings on them by piecemeal amnesty. Illegal border crossings will exponentially increase with each new official pardon.

We pay now for past failures to enforce the law, but the cost for today’s failures will forever devastate our country. Terrorists freely cross our borders and will most assuredly hurl another deadly attack on unsuspecting Americans. Politicians will, once again, absolve themselves of any blame; just one more time-released, governmental conspiracy.

Americans suffer from the psychological toll of incessantly fighting a merciless and unrelenting government, and never knowing from where the next attack will come. Invariably, it results in people losing the will to fight and lessens their strength to resist. Politicians count on it for their survival.

Barack Obama’s socialist domestic policies and laws are not the only time bombs he unleashes upon the country.

The paralyzing weakness and ineptitude of his foreign policy and his deference to Islamic terrorist nations at the expense of America’s friends, places our homeland in dire peril. Our national security will suffer for years and possibly decades to come when Obama’s torch of incompetence begins igniting world hot spots

By far, the greatest threats to our Republic, however, are from the feeding frenzy of the welfare state, and from the long-time cultivation of the powerful public union establishment. Obama dramatically increased the size and power of both.

This President has a spending psychosis that has positioned the United States as the biggest debtor in world history. The debt has increased more under Obama than under all previous presidents combined. On the day Obama took office the debt stood at 10.6 trillion dollars. Obama’s radical agenda will, by the end of his term, add over 6 trillion dollars to the debt piled upon our youth. It’s led to massive national debt and left the country kneeling for handouts from not only our friends, but from our biggest enemy, Communist China. This irresponsibility alone renders Obama uniquely unqualified to lead the country.

His catastrophic booby traps and time released fiscal tyranny wreaks havoc on every segment of American society, and will continue for as far as any sane mind can imagine. Moreover, he’s ensnaring the youth of our nation in a virtual debtor’s prison.

The most cataclysmic events will rip through our Republic when unwilling lenders suspend our credit or interest rates raise the payments beyond our ability to repay. Then, unable to sustain our untenable support of Obama’s Great Welfare Class and the demands from public unions, society will begin to fracture in every liberal enclave. As streets overflow with mobs of freeloaders, anarchists, union thugs, and collectivists, the country will find itself held hostage by these un-American mobs and their comrades, the corrupt Marxist politicians.

As we slog through the mine fields laid for us by politicians; expect violence, civil unrest, and revolution unseen in our history. Barack Obama and many others on the left - led by George Soros - work diligently to destroy traditional American Society, its capitalistic system, and constitutional government. It is their belief that the country will then accept their dictatorial reorganization. Our fate would be sealed, and we become just another European socialistic country or possibly a banana Republic, coming apart at the constitutional seams.

Jim Mullen, Parkersburg, WV
Freedom For US Now
Conservative Voices

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Has President Obama Earned Your Vote?

Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s premier advocate for economic freedom, today announces the second phase of an ad buy* that is expected to be the largest in the group's history. The first phase of this ad effort, which launched last week, featured President Obama's broken promise to reign in irresponsible spending. That ad can be seen here. The latest ad (below) will feature former Obama voters sharing moving and personal testimony about their future voting decisions.

Has President Obama Earned Your Vote?:

*Neither the Conservative Voices nor its contributors have been paid to share this ad. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to hear and share this ad with their friends, neighbors, and family members.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Respect the New One Way Street

What the past couple of weeks have clearly demonstrated is respect has become the New One Way Street in America.  From a private legal citizen not being able to exercise his First Amendment Rights to a political commercial filled with lie after lie to even an illegal citizen requesting respect continue to illustrate the decline of what made America great.

Part of the reason why respect has become this New One Way Street begins within the educational system.  For the last 40 plus years, the Federal government continue interference in education has only weakened our educational results. Many want to blame the families and yes they are partly responsible. However as a former public educator and school board trustee, the biggest complaint I heard was that the teachers were not listening to the parents.  They, the teachers, thought they knew better than the parents. Yet, the teachers could not figure out why the parents were not involved.

We should not be surprised because teachers do not know who their customers are. In many cases, they believe the customer is the other union teacher.  If you have disagreement with that statement, all you have to do is to listen the the head of the Chicago Teacher's Union. Karen Lewis has been quoted as saying she does not care about the students but about her rank and file members.

Looking at the results such as the US ranked 25th in math and 21st in science among 30 developed countries ranked by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development. Then examining how much the US pays to educate each student compared to other countries reinforces the fact that money is not the issue:
  • US = $7,743
  • United Kingdom = $5,834
  • Canada = $5,749
  • Japan = $3,756
Then there is the ridiculous culture of non judgement.  This new culture allows people to say lies and even more lies without being called on the carpet because that would mean you are being judgmental and being judgmental is a big No-No!

Harry Reid's attacks on Mr. Romney for not paying taxes without any proof just shows how far the American Narrative has veered away from real respect. Another example during this same time frame has been Mr. Reid asking Romney to release more than 2 years of tax returns (Romney complied with the law) even though Reid has never released his (Reid complied with the law).

This is where the New One Way Street shines.  Only those accused must take action, but the accusers don't have to take action. 

Possibly, Mr. Reid's reluctance has to do with some explaining about how he has amassed his fortune of over an estimated $5 to $10 million mainly during his political career. And people wonder why people run for office?

By the way as Senate Majority Leader, Mr. Reid earns $174,000 annually even though he says he doesn't make too much.
What planet is Reid living on? 
Is he real? 
$174,000 is not too much as a public servant paid for by our taxes?

The median income for a US citizen according to the US Census 2010 was $49,445.  In simple math, the average citizen has an annual income that he or she had to really work to earn of less than one third of what Mr. Reid receives. I truly cannot use the word earn or makes specific to Mr. Reid because he doesn't really do anything to grow our economy.

Yes Mr. Reid you make far too much!

We live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty unless you are a Republican running for the US office of the Presidency or any other non-liberal seeking for any other office.  Listening to Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelozzi justifying their lies reminded me of Galileo who believed the earth was not the center of the universe (heliocentric theory) taken to the Catholic Court and tried for heresy.  Of course how many of our students know about Galileo?  Textbooks, at least in Texas, have considered replacing Oprah for Einstein. And we wonder why we are behind in our educational results?

Of course I am still attempting to understand how a Catholic (Pelozzi) who supports a mortal sin (abortion) receives communion. 

Then there is the President complaining about Super PACs and the Republicans, but distancing his administration from a liberal Super PAC commercial suggesting Romney was responsible for a woman dying from cancer. Where is the respect?

Respect is something earned not given.  
Respect is a two way street and has never ever been a one way street.

At least that is what I was told growing up back in the 1950's.

Our First Amendment Right of free speech is all about respect.  You can say what you want up to the nose of the next person as long as you don't endanger him or her. If you endanger the other person, you can be arrested such as shouting Fire in a crowded theater or for libel unless of course you are Harry Reid and are protected by your office.

Respect is based upon shared common and important values such as learning, speaking English and telling the truth. These values and many others are embedded within the American Narrative.

Yet every day, legal citizens who respect the laws,pay their taxes on time, are asked to bend over, hug their ankles, smile while showing respect to those who lie, insult their intelligence, fail to enter this country legally and do not even speak English. Some of these illegal (forget undocumented as that is politically correct hogwash) even have the audacity to complain about our health care system and how we should be more respectful in providing health care to them..

Maybe it is time for more private, law abiding citizens to embrace respect is earned not given and start holding elected officials accountable.  Hmm, could that be one reason why the Tea Party to other individuals are so vilified by the main stream media because they do not give respect until it is earned?

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A Cancer Close To The Presidency Of Barack Obama

Just like in the days of Richard Nixon, we have a Cancer close to the Presidency of Barack Obama. Lies and Deceit abound. The following information ad is only 1:17 minutes (77 seconds) long and you can view the actual statements and linkages to this cancer in President Obama's White House. 
American Crossroads:

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Clear Contrast on Wind Subsidies

by Phil Kerpen, ARRA News Service: President Obama and Governor Romney are worlds apart on energy, with Obama favoring severe restrictions on fossil fuel development and a “doubling down” (Obama is fond of this gambling terminology) on failed solar and wind subsidies. Romney would get government out of the way and unleash the ingenuity of the American free market system to develop our energy resources without the heavy hand of government tipping the scales.

Nowhere has that heavy hand cost us more than the enormous subsidies for industrial wind turbines known at the Production Tax Credit (PTC), which has been backed by a sophisticated industry lobbying strategy the dangles out the possibility of the technology being able to stand on its merits soon. That “soon” has been just over the horizon every year for more than 20 years since these “temporary” subsidies were started.

It’s one thing to give campaign speeches about supporting a free-market energy policy, which Republican candidates of all stripes have been good at for a long time. It’s another to actually take on a powerful special interest on a specific taxpayer rip-off like the PTC. So kudos to Romney, whose campaign said he “will allow the wind credit to expire, end the stimulus boondoggles and create a level playing field on which all sources of energy can compete on their merits.”

This is a significant departure from business-as-usual in the Republican Party. All the subsidy money flowing to wind developers fills the coffers of their bipartisan lobbying operation, and it shows. President Bush supported the PTC. Karl Rove defended the PTC even this year at an American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) convention where he was joined on stage by Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs. Glen Bolger conducted a poll for AWEA to show Romney’s position would hurt him in Iowa.

In this case, Romney is right and the bipartisan establishment is wrong. Wind subsidies are a disaster.

David Kreutzer of the Heritage Foundation explains how the PTC works: “the wholesale prices of electricity in the different U.S. markets average from less than three cents per kilowatt hour (kW-h) to about 4.5 cents per kW-h. The PTC provides a subsidy of 2.2 cents per kW-h to wind energy producers. So this PTC subsidy is equivalent to 50 percent to 70 percent of the wholesale price of electricity.”

So taxpayers pick up more than half the cost for wind power — and even then many wind projects are struggling. It will never work, at any cost, because the concept of large-scale industrial wind power is based on bad science.

Physicist and environmental activist John Droz Jr. is probably the leading advocate of ending the PTC because of his thorough analysis of the science of wind power. Droz points out: “There is no real environmental benefit as: a) wind is an unpredictable commodity. b) Output from any group of wind projects can and will go to zero on many occasions. c) Energy generated from industrial wind power cannot be economically stored.”

Unfortunately, Chairman Max Baucus of Montana moved a so-called tax extenders bill through the Senate Finance Committee last week that actually makes the PTC even more expensive. And two Republicans, Charles Grassley of Iowa and Pat Roberts of Kansas, opposed even a modest cut in the size of the PTC.

As this fight moves forward to the Senate floor and to the House, Republicans should follow Mitt Romney’s principled leadership and oppose any additional wind subsidies. It’s time to cut our losses, not to double down.
© Copyright 2012 Phil Kerpen. He is the president of American Commitment where he first shared this article; a columnist on Fox News Opinion, and the author of Democracy Denied: How Obama is Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America – and How to Stop Him. Phil Kerpen is a contributing author for the ARRA News Service.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Presidential Political Polls Direct Their Efforts to the Uneducated Voters

The most recent  Presidential political poll at first glance gives the President an advantage. But anyone who understands how polls are constructed can dig deep and discover this political poll is not an accurate reflection of the potential voters within several of the states based upon the most recent elections (2010).

Years ago I heard the following:  

Figures do not lie, but liars figure.  

 And in Presidential political polls, there are a plethora of liars. These liars are directing their efforts toward the uneducated, those who stay out of the political fray and maybe raise their head every month or so.  The goal is by election time, these uneducated voters will stay home and thus keep the status quo as the status quo.

By skewing the poll as to who was contacted, these liars and yes that is the only word for them, liars, can make statements like the President is ahead of Romney.  They will even go as far as to say their sampling was of likely voters.  But what they won't say is in some samples, there was an overwhelming bias (one case 9 points) towards Democrats even though in the last election in some states the voting numbers were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

With these types of polls then what happens is this:

Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

However, other polls about the President's disapproval ratings seem to fly in the face that the President has an edge over Romney. Then when Bloggers, less biased media outlets to Talk Radio start pointing out these discrepancies, the mainstream media (MM) cries Fowl (pun intended).

Presidential political polls are probably good for one thing and I am sure you can guess that that is. With the election about 3 months away, these liars will continue to promote their "fair" polls while in reality just broadcasting more MM lies and bias because these liars hate the American Narrative and fear anyone who just might change the status quo.

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The Silent Majority Speaks

In the US the silent majority that Admiral Yamanto (Mastermind of  Pearl Harbor bombing) feared would awaken appears to have shed its slumber once again in support of Chick-fil-A appreciation day. Throughout the country, thousands of the silent majority have decided to spend their hard earned dollars by patronizing this national franchise restaurant chain that has recently come under fire from the likes of Democratic Mayors in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco not to mention many liberal groups and media.

Here in Northwest Indiana, the line extended outside the building, the parking lot was full and the drive through window had 10 plus cars in line. Joel Phelps running as the Republican Challenger to current Democrat Congressman Pete Visclosky showed his support by being one of those patrons. (Photo courtesy of Joel Phelps as it was better than the one I took when driving by today.) Down south in Texas Ted Cruz who was running for the U.S.Texas Senate seat  served Chick-fil-a at his victory party.

Americans be them from Indiana, Texas or any other State in this Republic of 50 States truly do not like being told what to do especially when it comes to their First Amendment rights.  Freedom of speech is taken to heart by the silent majority and maybe that is why they are silent.  They do not have to speak because they know that is their right. Of course when you ruffle their fetters (pun totally intended), those who engage in the ruffling best be prepared.

Can you hear them now?

Many who supported Chick-fil-A Day appeared to have been first time customers after listening to some of the talk radio as well as social media comments.  These individuals are the true silent majority because even Chick-fil-A did not know about them.

Yet, tell most US Citizens especially baby boomers and traditional citizens (born pre 1946) that a business is not welcomed because of the viewpoints held by the owners, then be willing to have your ears deafened by the squawking (again pun intended).

The silent majority is truly not silent about 

the First Amendment.

Currently there is a lot of squawking happening within this great country. However it is good to see thousands of Americans still believing in the First Amendment and demonstrating that belief for those who have been unfairly demonized by some elected officials.  There appears to still be some hope held for the defensive of the American Narrative.

P.S. Scanning tomorrow's papers will be interesting to learn if the unbiased media covers this rather loud silent majority or will they continue to push the agenda of the minority who wish to change the American Narrative?

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