Saturday, October 31, 2015

Read & Follow The ARRA News Service

Conservative Voices has closed
due to the many fine other conservative blogs and sites on the Internet.

Recommend you read, follow and comment at the
ARRA News Service
To quote its "mast head: "News for social, fiscal & national security conservatives who believe in God, family & the USA. Upholding the rights granted by God & guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, traditional family values, "republican" principles / ideals, transparent & limited "smaller" government, free markets, lower taxes, due process of law, liberty & individual freedom. All content approval rests with the ARRA News Service Editor. Opinions are those of the authors. While varied positions are reported, beliefs & principles remain fixed. No revenue is generated for this site - no paid ads accepted - no payments for articles. (Pub. Since July, 2006)

Editor/Founder: Bill Smith, Ph.D. [aka: Ozark Guru & 2010 AFP National Blogger of the Year, credentialed press at numerous National events / conventions / conferences]

The ARRA News Service has over a million readers and followers. There are no tracking codes, no paid advertising, no solicitation of money. None of the contributors nor the editor are paid for articles or the operation of the ARRA News Service. Numerous news aggregators have followed the site's feed and Google has translated and published the site in various foreign languages in other countries.

The ARRA News Service is also on Facebook at ARRA News Service and is posted to serveral other Facebook pages and groups, and to twitter feeds including the editor's twitter account at

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